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Strength Will Come

strength from Word and SpiritThe Last two days I have found it difficult to write.  Maybe it is because Lyle and Caitlin are leaving in two days to go to Africa for three months or maybe it is dealing with my own spiritual warfare or emotional meltdown.  When people face change they take it as once accepted, pain and anguish will follow.  This is just human nature and we must renew our mind or reprogram our mind into believing change can be good.  As a mother, we face those seasons when our children leave for the first time for school and we find ourselves dealing with the attachment bond.  As parents, we also face the fact of watching our teen get their driver’s license or go on their first date.  This prepares us for the ultimate leaving for college and leaving the home in which the empty nest syndrome leaps into our laps.  Little things prepare us for the big things God has in store for us.  It is not that I am fearful or feel anxious for their new adventure because I do trust in God and know this trip is ordained.  Maybe it is just feeling overwhelmed in knowing the spiritual warfare they will be dealing with.  Overwhelmed with thankfulness in knowing God has chosen my children to do a work for the Kingdom.  I am so thankful to the point I sit here writing with tears consuming my face .  I allow His Spirit to comfort me, prepare me, deal with me.  It is just change.  Change sometimes is harder on others and can be more difficult to deal with depending upon the circumstances in life.  

God is a God who is constantly moving and flowing.  He is constantly working on our attitudes, motives and heart issues, teaching us to love, to give, show mercy and forgive.  He is a God who changes not yet demands us to change to be more like Him. He is constantly putting us on the potter wheel and working out the imperfections to create a beautiful masterpiece in the end.  Strength comes when we allow God to move through us, ply us and mold us.  Strength is promised for thestrength will come weary and for being His child.  The Lord our God is our strength in which He renews as we wait upon Him.  His strength is made perfect in weakness and the power of Christ rests upon us.

My strength comes from the Spirit of God to my inner man; strength in the soul; the strength of faith, to serve God, and to do what we have been called to do to bring Him glory and to grow His Kingdom. When the Word of God is written in our hearts, and the love of Christ is shed abroad, He dwells there, within us, leading us, showing us His mighty hand. Where his Spirit dwells, there He dwells and there is comfort.  When you feel weak even in the midst of it all, allow God to strengthen you.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded  He has been with us all along.  Pray for my children in their journey to Africa.

Eph 3:16  The he would grant you according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might by his spirit in the inner man.

2 thoughts on “Strength Will Come”

  1. my prayers are with lyle and caitlyn. i have a 23 year old son and i can imagine how i would feel if he were going that far away from home. i will be praying for you too.

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