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No Occasion

warfareIf you take a look at my Bible you will find many markings and highlights.  Depending what I am inspired by whether if it is inspiration from the Holy Spirit or a message my husband has preached, I found this message scribbled on the leaf note page I thought was worth sharing.  

The devil is not concerned about your success or your life.  He only wants to see how hard you can fall and fail.  He constantly reminds you of this in hopes you will continue to live in the past along with it’s pain, hurts, lack of forgiveness and condemnation.  He plants doubts, fears, confusion and deceit in your mind when it comes to the Kingdom of God.  He will do anything to prevent God getting the glory.  When there is a move of God taking place and fruit is manifesting in the good of changing lives, the enemy will try and spread gossip and negativity even the more so to try and slow down the move of God or stop it all together.  It is manifested from fear, lack of knowledge or greed.fighting among yourselves

We all should give up the pain of walking in the world for when we do, we gain blessings from God.  It is called holiness.  Holiness is an attitude, a state of mind of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Holiness doesn’t come from religion, it’s works or its service.  Satan thrives off the opportunity of negative occasions or mundane rituals.  When a person starts to speak negative seeds, it is projected into the heart of others who hear. We give place to the devil, when the first motions of sin are not grievous to our souls; when we consent to them; and when we repeat an evil deed. The enemy wants people to give birth to problem after problem creating chaos and negative outcomes.  Holiness prevents negative seeds from planting and manifesting in your life.spreading gossip

Don’t seek gratification of what we can put off tomorrow.  God gives us opportunities to do things for Him.  Satan doesn’t take a nap or a break, why should we take a break from the battle.  A lost opportunity for God is a great success for Satan.  When you give Satan an occasion in your life, he will take one mistake and make it two. Immediate obedience is the key to bringing God’s glory into any situation.  Satan will never tell you to go and pray for someone or encourage or lay hands on someone to be used for God.  Anything that brings glory to God, satan is against.  If words or actions are sown to bring God’s works or Kingdom down, the enemy is glorified.

Seize the opportunity that God gives you.  Don’t give the enemy an occasion to work in your life.  No one is exempt from temptation however; God has made a way to escape it.  The longer you put something off for God the harder it is to work for God.  My husband has always said, “Live for God hard is easy, but live for God easy is hard.”  Putting off today creates a snowball affect taking you away from God and closer to judgment.   The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy spirit filled Christians.  He wants the people of God to be dishonest and be irresponsible.  A man’s daily walk, will determine whether he is a true believer.  You either live to bring God glory or you prove by your actions to enhance the enemy’s territory.

Ephesians 4:27 and do not give the devil an opportunity to work.God's Warrior

The only occasion to give Satan is when you stand up as a woman or man of God and deliver a blow into his camp! With the forces of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and the power of the blood of Jesus Christ along with your victorious testimony, shout it out for others to see and hear. Proclaim the gospel, move in the Holy Ghost and put the enemy where he belongs, under your feet!   


1 thought on “No Occasion”

  1. This is so TRUE, we as christians should not be afraid to speak what GOD is telling us to speak, it only gives the enemy a step closer to a WIN.

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