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Compassion First

African ChildrenCompassion must come first.  When we see a need and turn our head, compassion is not in us or at least very little.  Compassion is having sympathy, concern, kindness and consideration or care for another person.  I have often thought about what level of compassion I may have for others.  Years ago, I started praying for compassion and to see people as God sees them.  I was broken and cried almost every day.  Needless to say, I had to stop praying for compassion in fear of not ever getting out of the house so I wouldn’t look like a crybaby.  It took me sometime to balance and adjust to this overwhelming emotion.  Compassion grows as we grow spiritually and as our relationship with Jesus grows.  A great harvest can take place by moving upon your compassion.

When God lives in us, we will have compassion and it will grow.  If you don’t think you have much compassion, I dare you to start praying for it.  God has a way of transforming our minds into His way of thinking if we ask for it so don’t be surprised when you feel an urgency to help those around you or break down and be a crybaby for a day.

If you ever have the chance to go to Africa don’t miss the opportunity.  Seeing others less fortunate will bring out compassion.  I remember holding and hugging the children, loving on them but knowing I may never see them again.  Our world is a big world and compassion must come first.


2 thoughts on “Compassion First”

  1. People can learn more about Africa by taking a daytrip to Evansville, IN and touring a replica of an African village at Christian Fellowship Church. The purpose of the exhibit is to educate people on how the AIDS pandemic affects the children in Africa. Please go to worldvisionexperience.org for more details.

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