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Can I Scream?

screamingHave you ever had one of those days and asked God, “What’s next?”.  Yesterday started off in a good way and I felt like I got much accomplished around the house plus had some quite time reflecting on the goodness of God.  Little did I know in just a few hours a chain of events would keep me from eating and sleeping until one in the morning.  I had called and checked on my dad because He is in the hospital with lung problems and he was feeling better so I didn’t need to go visit him.  Jeff was a little grouchy with much pastoral pressures so I stayed clear of any chatting on confrontation with him.  Later in the day, we got a phone call at the beginning of Ministry Class stating that my husband’s mother had fallen and was at the emergency room.  Jeff took care of the class and I drove to the hospital (not the one my dad is in).  Upon arriving, her face was still covered in blood, x rays still had to be done and stitches were a must.  If you have ever taken anyone to the ER, then you know you have a long wait ahead of you.  People running around everywhere, doctors yelling at the nurses, babies crying and beeping noises squealing.  I don’t know how people work in such an environment and if you do, my hats off to you.  Anyway, Granny’s face plant into the concrete left her with four stitches across her nose and I  am sure by this morning a very sore body.  Jordan, my other son calls and says, He just hit a deer and his car is a little dented but He is fine.  Jeff, Caitlin and Lyle came over around ten p.m. just in time to watch Granny get her stitches.  As Caitlin was standing next to the bed, she slumps over on top of Granny and begins to fall to the floor.  Eyes open and twitching, Lyle catches her wondering what the heck she is doing.  Caitlin lays in the floor as though she is having a seizure, Granny on the bed, I am running to get another nurse and it is total craziness in this room.  They put Caitlin on a stretcher and now want to get her checked out, drawing blood along with other test to make sure she is fine.  They continue to ask me all kinds of questions about her in which my mind goes blank upon this type of pressure.  This little incident has brought to my conclusion to prepare.  I am fixing a card to carry with me her birth date, SS number, parents names and numbers so I can’t be so dumbfounded when asked a question in an emergency.  Granny  leaves with her friend who takes her home and we are standing in another room trying to figure out what happened with Caitlin.  The doctor came in and explained that sometimes this just happens.  People pass out when they see blood or smell certain things in the hospital.  Her heart rate slowed down enough to make her pass out and have seizure like symptoms.  Caitlin awakes disoriented, embarrassed and needing a change of pants.  Why does all this happen?  Something in the air, a full moon or just life?  Today as I sit here and write, outside looks like a tornado, storms a brewing and I am wired for having my second cup of coffee.  Can I scream…..

I Thessalonians 5: 14-18 Dear brothers, warn those who are lazy, comfort those who are frightened, take tender care of those who are weak; and be patient with everyone.  See that no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good to each other and to everyone else.  Always be joyful.  Always keep on praying no matter what happens, always be thankful for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 


1 thought on “Can I Scream?”

  1. Awe, bless Caitlin and Granny and Jeff and Melissa and … (was Lyle laughing?)
    If it is any consolation, this has helped me not to feel so uptight about things. I am laughing and feeling deep compassion at the same time.
    By the way, I have not just screamed, I have also pulled my hair out; the last month especially. You know, you’ve seen me! HA!

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