Pangs of Hunger

fill my void, give me hope... tell me about JesusSitting with friends last night we were discussing the thirst of people, hungry for a move of God across our nation and even our world.  There are people who desire to see God move in their churches, homes and lives.  Yesterday on discussing famine and the recession so to speak, it hit home more than I realized.  People are desiring a closer walk, a closer relationship but there seems to be a shortage of leaders who will lead them to that place they wish to go.  Maybe it is because people don’t understand effective leadership skills or the body of Christ is lukewarm in desiring to lead or reach out to others.   Maybe it is due to the fact of  tradition or what they have learned or believed to be fact.

And many followed Him. John 10:41  Jesus knew how to lead because He had people who followed.  They desired  a hunger and thirst for a change.  They desired to feel complete, healed, whole and loved.  Jesus portrayed the illuminating factor that He could fill the void in their life IF they chose to follow.  Jesus then left behind His disciples to teach, preach, baptize and train others for His Kingdom along with His power of the Holy Spirit.  It all points back to Jesus when it comes to the leadership skills in which people should follow after.  All Christians should lead others to Jesus so He too can quench their thirst or fill their soul with His Spirit.  

We must realize that there are people who want to know Jesus however can’t seem to find Him due to the lack of the commission.  We as a church body must continue to train others, love others and show the fullness of Christ in our lives.  People need to know there is hope, there is drink for the thirsty and there is food for the hungry.  Jesus still heals, still saves and still gives eternal life.  He is what most people search for.  People desire the fullness of Christ not just a small portion.

 Matthew 7:7  Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.

Prayer is the appointed means for obtaining what we need.  We need laborers for His Kingdom.  We need leaders to lead others. We need Holy Spirit filled Christians activated and anointed to preach the gospel, lay hands on the sick to recover and go into all the world and preach Jesus Christ.  Keep serving, keep teaching, keep preaching, keep training, keep leading others to Jesus and watch the whole earth be filled with the fullness of His Spirit.  Pangs of hunger still exist, will you help feed the hungry and lead others to Jesus Christ?


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