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Without Restrictions

refuseGod has allowed hard times to happen and the best way to get through is to believe God is in control of all our circumstances.  Everyone is affected.  We are not the only ones going through the famine, recession or problems nor it may not be the last time we go through things.  God however in the midst still wants to bless.  Poverty is the opposite of prosperity.  Poverty kills, steals and destroys.  It does not reflect God.  God loved us so much He gave His son, Jesus Christ.  You see the pattern here.  God first loved, then He gave.  

You can’t reap a harvest without sowing.  We all must continue to sow in the famine.  Life keeps moving and famine only last for a season.  As seeds of Abraham we are learning to trust God.  We must take joy in little or much of each season.  Every mountain we go up, it gets higher yet there is a valley we must go through to reach the mountain. Only going halfway of the mountain is mediocrity.   God has said we would be blessed by sowing to His Word and which means we prosper to give not just to get.  We are not to be slothful or lazy but to have patience, focus and continue to show Christ’s love.  God is greater than any recession and there is feast in the famine!  Without restrictions we must continue to sow expecting a huge benefit for the Kingdom.which way to Godly prosperity

We must remember, we are not trying to get but give.  We are not a cursing but a blessing to others.  We are not looking for accolades but for opportunities.  We are not building our own kingdom but His.  We don’t have to prosper to go to heaven but your failure to prosper may keep someone else from hearing the gospel, receiving Jesus and going to heaven.  Don’t miss the opportunity to sow in the famine.  We must continue to give even if it hurts.  It is the purpose of godly prosperity to bless the world with the good News and to demonstrate in words and actions that God is a God of love and abundant supply.  The purpose of prosperity in the kingdom of God is to have what we need and to be able to give.  We must continue to meet others spiritual, intellectual and physical needs.  When the godly prosper it blesses everyone.  When we get blessed we should be thinking “Where can I plant the profits to do the most good in the kingdom of God?”  Godly prosperity gives you a public pulpit to praise God.  The testimony of your life and business will change others when they find out the reason for your achievement.  The reason will be, sowing in the midst of famine.  

If you see yourself a blessing to others, you will look for things to happen for the good.  You will not worry about your needs because you know they will be taken care of.  You will be looking to bless others and meet their needs.  Godly prosperity is not just the state of your financial affairs; it is also an attitude.  Godly prosperity is a way of thinking and a lifestyle.  We should not look at it as a competition with others but as a sowing.  Our growth whether in day to day activities, our relationship with others or God doesn’t determine our giving but our giving determines our growth in all these areas.  Just as a farmer plants a crop in relation to the size of harvest he expects, we give in relations to the relationships or business we expect to receive.  When men and women of God who know who they are in Jesus begin to take their place and enter the prosperity that God has provided, the we will see changes in our economy and our relationships.  falling economy

Ephesians 6:9  And let us not get tired of doing what is right for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.


1 thought on “Without Restrictions”

  1. I am copying this encouragement into my daily Johnson’s Journal to encourage myself in the Lord with it… we pastor a small spiritfilled church in Indiana. We have not received a paycheck for 7 months & live on my meager daycare income. Our mighty, supernatural God has always provided this way for us…supernaturally. This weekend He answered my prayer to take in a young lady who had nowhere to live, during our temporary famine. How blessed we are to still have the opportunity to GIVE of ourselves and ALL WE HAVE! I am claiming & wrote to a song: PHIL 4:19…provision according to His riches in glory. Know that I am praying for your ministry as well, Melissa. As you receive, give. pj

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