Abundant life

Special Memories

my mom feeding the birds and dogsMother’s Day is a special time set aside to honor mothers.  As I spoke at the Mother-Daughter Banquet the other night, I talked about what our mothers have taught us.  I spoke about good works, training and giving in all things.  I used the Scripture in Titus where it talks about older women teaching the younger.  We took time to remember all the special times and memories of those who have already passed.  I have my grandmother’s journal in which she had wrote these particular stories in 1997.  I shared with the group about how my great grandmother cooked for twelve workers who had came to thrash the wheat and help make the straw beds.  I told stories how my grandmother had helped raise nine of the fifteen children and how she help her mother make lard and pickled feet from killing over twelve pigs in a year.  Some of the stories have made me smile and some have made me cry.  One of the pages I read was a prayer.  She starts out asking God to forgive her for not going and seeing her mother in the rest home.  She prayed not only forgiveness but also to forget for not loving her mother the way she should had.  She ended the prayer in saying, “One day, I will see my mother in heaven, and then I will tell her I am sorry.”    

Today is set aside to think about our mothers, let us not be too busy to take time to share our thought and thankfulness with them.  Sometimes or someday may be too late.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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