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Storms Don’t Last Forever

depressedPlead with God, implore His mercy and pour out your troubles before Him.  You may be overwhelmed and desperate but God alone knows which way you need to go and turn to.  He will keep you from your enemies even though you may think no one cares about you or what happens to you.  When you pray to the Almighty God and trust that He alone is the only place of refuge and safety, it is He who hears your cries and rescues you.  When He brings you through it all and brings you out of the mess in which you have entrapped yourself in, He wants you to be thankful.  Others will rejoice with you knowing it is God who brought you out.  God is faithful to His promises and He knows none of us our perfect for we all fail and fall many times in this life.  You may feel like you have lost hope and are paralyzed with fear but you can still remember the miracles God has done for you in the past.  Do you reach for Him?  Do you thirst for Him?  Are you depressed and feel as though you will die if rescue doesn’t come soon?  Kindness will come because you trust Him.  Depend upon Him to show you where to go.  Be sincere with your prayers and hide in the presence of God because He is the only one who can hide you.  His Spirit is the best for it tells you where you must abide.  You may not feel saved but being saved brings Him glory and you must trust in His word.  It is He who rescues you from all trouble, doubt, fears, worries and anxieties.  He is true to His promises, He loves, is kind and He is full of forgiveness, mercy and grace.  We are His servants.

As I studied this morning in prayer and thought, God gave me Psalms 142 and 143 to type.  If you feel as though this message is for you today, smile because God has spoken to your heart and soul to trust Him and allow Him to work in your life.  We cannot do things without Him, even though there are times where we will try and carry the burdens ourselves we don’t have to.  Many times we want to blame someone else for our state of mind and the circumstances around us but it is us who are unwilling to change and accept responsibility for the way we feel.  Take charge for yourself, let God be in control, let your emotions be sound, let your mind not wander.  Speak good things over your life, your marriage and your children.  Do not be weary but be determined with God all things are possible.  Joy comes after the storm, and storms don’t last forever.storm


1 thought on “Storms Don’t Last Forever”

  1. I really injoyed your blog today. In light of the church services yesterday, I have a new perspective on the storms that we go through. This was rich food for thought. Thank you!

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