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Going the Extra Mile


There is a woman at work who is very introverted and seems depressed.  She rarely talks and seems upset when you do have to communicate with her.  Her voice is raspy since she is a heavy smoker and I have never seen her smile or laugh.  She seemed to be having a bad day (as everyday was a bad day) when everyone around her was getting things done promptly with help from their co-workers. I had gone above and beyond my normal duties to help these girls even though I didn’t have to, I chose to help.   She made a rude remark how I didn’t help her, who I returned with “I didn’t know you needed anything”.  As I went about my normal business, I thought how rude this woman was.  Here I was doing extra work and going out of my way to help these women, and one woman out of the bunch was upset because I was helping them and not her.  It wasn’t long before she called needing something from my floor.  My first impression was to send it through the elevator and not walk it up to her but the Christian side of me told me to go above and beyond my required job description and deliver her things to her as I did earlier for the other women.  I mumbled to myself without hesitating and started upstairs.  When I handed her the items, her face lit up and she smiled!  You would have thought I had given her a million dollars.  She kept going on and on how kind and sweet the gesture was.  I believe I have made a friend for life.   When we go the extra mile the receiving party tends to remember you who have taken that extra effort (positively).

The above story was from a friend of mine who related it to me for the purpose of this blog.  Many times God puts in front of our lives the opportunity to go far and above what we are required.  We should go the extra mile.  Why?  Jesus wants us to.  How did we get the phrase, “go the extra mile?”  It means we should go beyond what is expected of us in helping others. It is going the extra mile and doing something for someone beyond normal.   In service, it is going out of your way to help someone even when you may not have time.  A few months ago, I thought maybe God was watching me to see how I would react.  I was in a grocery store and a little crippled lady walked up to me and ask me to help her find a certain can of pie filling.  This woman was very stooped in posture, her face was distorted and she drooled.  She had a handkerchief in her hand to catch the spit from her mouth when she talked and even then it was a mumble.  I first noticed how people were avoiding her as she walked down the isle.  She was very odd and a little scary looking.  Her smell was from no doubt old clothes and lack of bathing.  From what I could understand, she usually had someone else to do her grocery shopping for her but today she had come by herself.  I really didn’t have time to help her but again I knew only a few minutes of time would be the right thing to do.  I helped her for about five minutes and it seemed everything I found for her was not the right brand however I did put it in her cart trying to explain they didn’t carry the brand she wanted but was the same thing.  After a few attempts of trying to explain this, she grabbed someone else and asked them.  I returned with a worker to help her finish her shopping.  When I left her, I smiled and felt great about taking time to help someone who may or may not been sent by God to see how I would react.  I wanted to find the hidden camera because this woman was so hideous looking I even thought this must be a joke.  A joke it was not.  She was a woman, who nevertheless was unfortunate in health and needed someone who would take the extra time and care to help her.  going the extra mile

 If we have a chance to help someone in need, we can be generous and give more than is expected of us. That is being like Jesus. He gave his life for us on the cross so that we can be forgiven for all of our sin. Even though we do not deserve it, Jesus went the extra mile for us.  The Lord wants us to respond to our circumstances in ways that reflect our trust in Him and our commitment to heaven’s values. One thing demanded is a readiness to submit to unreasonable demands of whatever kind, rather than raise quarrels followed by the evils resulting from them we should go the extra mile to give glory to our heavenly Father.  

Matthew 5:40-42  If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat as well.  And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go two with him.  Give to the person who asks you for something, and do not turn away from the person who wants to borrow something from you.”


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