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Hot Mama

hot mama

OK, enough is a enough.  These hot flashes are driving me crazy!  Ever experienced one?  I used to hear about my mother and some older ladies talk about their night sweats, peeling off their pj’s in the middle of the night but I had no idea of the torture these little hotties do.  Hormones, yes they are a tripper.  They bang us around with emotional highs and low during our teen years, make us fertile myrtle during the next twenty years and just when you think you have all that behind you, along comes the “Hot mama” with those hot flashes.  

Oh the seasons of life, we endure, we get through and we live.  I always believed everything happens for a reason, and I often tell others, “You will go through the same thing over and over again (maybe with a little different circumstances but same issue) until you learn how to deal or cope with it or just give it to God.  It is not asking, “Why me Lord”, but “What are you trying to teach me” question.  When we learn how to come out on top of an issue, we move forward and if we don’t it always seems to happen again until we deal with it.  Now, hot flashes are a product of hormones and 85% of women have them in one time or another in their life.  Can we control them?  We could say there is no way but however there are answers to diffuse them quickly.  For instance, I could cut out my caffeine, watch my diet, do yoga and eliminate stress in my life.  It is also a proven fact I could take hormone replacement pills and it would also help but then I have heard of the nightmares everyone around you must face.  I am not particular fond of putting pregnant horse urine in my body in which some of these supplements are made of.  I do not want to make people around me miserable with my hormonal roller coaster.  Keep in mind I live with five men. (Four sons and my husband)  They would not be happy campers living with a female bear.  

How can I say, “Use me God” and expect to never go through anything.  You learn and endure to help others.  It is all about reaching others.  How can we minister to someone going through a crisis, a death, a lost teen, parenthood, marriage issues, or even mid life hot flashes if we ourselves have never been through it.  I am not saying that we have to go through things to know how to minister because during difficult times God will help us say the right things to those who are hurting.  However, if you are facing a battle or illness in your life right now, or any situation in which you find yourself in the midst of heartache or even frustration, think how this situation may help others in the future.  I prayed for a couple on Easter Sunday morning who came to the alter.  I don’t know what situation they were facing but I knew they wanted help.  As I pronounced strength and blessings to their life I reassured them God was going to help them get through and within a year, they would be helping someone get through the same situations.  All they needed to know was that God cared about their situation, that He love them and there was hope for a brighter future.

Romans 8:28  We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Everything that happens to us, regardless if it is our own making or nature, it does our soul good.  Every situation should lead Christians to the spiritual good, it should break us from sin in which might hold us bound, bringing us nearer to God, weaning us from the world, and preparing us for heaven. Some people come to God only in a crisis, God then steps in on the scene, heals or answers prayer and the person is off again going in the wrong direction.  It seems the same problem comes around again until they may learn how to give it to God permanently and live for Him whole-heartedly.  Life is not a bed of roses but through every circumstance in life, we can be overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  Our testimony when shared encourages others to believe they too can make it through hard times or difficult situations.  

 I Peter 3:9 Do not pay others back evil for evil or insult for insult. Instead, keep blessing them, because you were called to inherit a blessing.

YOU are called to inherit a blessing – Therefore all circumstances cannot hurt you (they only make you more determined to live for Him!) and by blessing those who come against you, you imitate God, who in turn blesses you.

As we face all situations that God may allow in our lives, we stay focused on the task that is set before us.  It is all about serving Jesus Christ, teaching others to trust and live for Him, and ministering to one another with unselfish love, exhortation and encouragement.  Together we may stand to bring Him glory and know all things will work together for good that are called according to His purpose.  I have a purpose and these little frustrations called “hot flashes” will not keep me distracted in living for Him nor anything else that comes my way. As for right now, just call me, “Hot Mama” until these hot flashes disappear!


hot flash sign

power surge sign
hot flash excuse


1 thought on “Hot Mama”

  1. Hey sis, I’m one of those hot mama’s too! I couldn’t hardly read this article for laughing so hard!!! It’s nice to know that we have other hot mama’s that we can relate to. Thanks for another wonderful article! Have an awesome and BLESSED day. Love ya, Shelia

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