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Word in the Woods

 seek-kingdomCould you be searching for things in the middle of the woods, looking for that particular “thing” that just might make you happy?  Have you ever found yourself wanting something or feel as though you deserve something.  I have seen people who have wanted a bigger house, a new vehicle, job, children or vacations to feel as though if they had these things it would make them happy.  When the time came, their happiness or fulfillment was only short term.  Possessions or people do not make a long-term happiness.  Some singles believe when they get married, their life will be complete and content.  Not so.  True contentment is a satisfaction with God in all of His Word and His will.  Our physical circumstances of poverty, riches or relationships do not necessarily reflect our contentment or discontentment with God, for contentment is foremost a spiritual matter of satisfaction with God. Being content is finding satisfaction, happiness, gratification and fulfillment in your daily life not only with yourself but also with your relationship with your Savior.  The character of God is the great issue of Christian contentment.  Are we truly satisfied with Him or do we really find our happiness with the array in God’s will for our lives? Can we find ourselves sufficient to question the decisions of God without asking with a “Why me Lord”?  After all, how can we be discontent with a God who loved us so much that He died for us?  If we have trouble with such ordinary thoughts about the His love, faithfulness, His mercy or grace, then we will never be content with God without a transformation of our hearts that only comes with repentance.  Repentance is truly accepting God’s will for our lives and having a made up mind to change, not just asking forgiveness. How can a person stay content?   Conditions are always changing, therefore remember we must not be dependent upon conditions or circumstances, or even the things we may have or not have in our lives. 
We cannot base our salvation on feelings either for our emotions change because of circumstances.  We must use the Word.  The main thing, which is extremely important and matters most throughout all life, is our soul and the relationship with Jesus.  When you take care of this and foremost, everything else will fall into place in the direction of God’s plan He has for you.

 God is concerned about you and your life.  He is your Heavenly Father, and nothing happens to you apart from Him. His word tells us the very hairs of your head are all numbered. You must never forget that how much God values you. God’s will and God’s ways are unique for every individual, and sometimes we don’t understand.  However we must know that whatever He wills or permits is of necessity for good in either yourself or for those who may be in contact with you. 
 Whatever the conditions may be at this present moment, try and understand they are only temporary, they are only passing, and they can never rob you of the joy and the glory that ultimately awaits you.  Every situation in life is the unfolding of some manifestation of God’s love and goodness. We should look for this peculiar manifestation of God’s goodness and kindness and to be prepared for surprises or blessings.   You must regard circumstances and conditions, not in and of themselves therefore, but as a part of God’s dealings in the work of perfecting your soul and becoming who He wants you to become to bring Him glory along with opportunities to touch others.  We must present every thing that comes our way as a opportunity to show the characteristics of Jesus.

Matthew 6:33  First seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added.

All things will be added IF we first seek Him.  Anything that we may want or ask for, we can have it as the child of God, IF we are seeking Him and His righteousness first.   When we begin with God, then He supplies us with our wants and needs according to His will.  If we give diligence to make sure we are pursuing the kingdom of God and righteousness then out of the relationship will come our contentment we may be searching for.  It is all in Him and not the temporal things that will satisfy our soul.  Temporal things however will be added as a bonus, according to His will and direction of course which even then, we must be willing to find contentment in all of what life may bring us.     The next time you find yourself in the middle of the woods, looking or wanting something to be content, look at the Word and be prepared to accept whatever God has for you but remember seek Him first.

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