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A Thomas Time

Thomas timeMany times I see young adults struggle with their faith.  Caught up in life with college, new love and even marriage or job opportunities they may time to time struggle in their walk with God.  They are learning how to deal with people and finding out who are their true friends.  Somehow life is full of parties and socializing which leaves going to church on the back burner due to sheer exhaustion on Sunday mornings.  However a time will come down the road where they find themselves empty inside and facing a crisis or decision this in turn results in finding time for God again.  Although as a child growing up, Christianity was of the norm for family routine somehow led to wrong decisions and circumstances.  As decisions pile up, prayer is often decided upon then faith waivers.  We obtain faith by hearing the Word of God and when we hear little, faith is often little or has grown cold.  

Thomas was one of the disciples.  He walked and talked with Jesus and even watched Jesus perform the miracles.  It is hard for us to believe a man who was with the word, God in flesh would struggle with doubt.  However when it came time to believe in the resurrection, he doubted and his faith waivered.  Even when people all around him told him of the event, he himself wouldn’t believe until he saw with his own eyes or even felt with his own hands.  Sometimes we too have a “Thomas time” when we are not for sure if God is really going to answer our prayers.  It happens to all, even those who are strong in the faith, sometimes doubt.

doubting ThomasDon’t think it is strange to have a Thomas time in your life.  Never the less, when you do, stand upon the Word of God and look to His promises.  You are one of His children and He always comes through right on time. Jesus came to Thomas even when he doubted, had fear or wouldn’t listen to the direction in which he was to go.  Jesus didn’t come to Thomas because he knew him or because Thomas had doubted  but Jesus appeared to Thomas because He loved him.  Jesus loves us and He wants your faith to grow. The message is not as much about Thomas’ unbelief as it is about the faithfulness of God even in the face of unbelief and fear. As sound and sincere believers, though sometimes slow and weak will be graciously accepted of the Lord Jesus just as Thomas. With patience and getting back on track, then will see the nail scarred hands reaching out once again, prayers are heard and Jesus shows up right on time.  Thomas time doesn’t last long.  Grow in faith and stand strong with Jesus.

John 20:29  Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed. 


1 thought on “A Thomas Time”

  1. i really appreciate what i just what i have read. i feel like i am having a thomas time in my life these days. i try to read your blogs everyday. it has become a part of my daily routine when i am on the computer. thanks again!

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