Emotional, Encouragement, Patience

He Sleeps Tonight

empty tombAll is quiet.

All is still.

The stars are at rest and do not shine, the moon hides its face.

Darkness covers the earth.

My eyes drip with tears, and sadness melts my heart.

We mourn as tonight, our Lord is sleeping.

Sleeping in deaths arms, in a tomb that is not even his but borrowed for a time.

He hath poured out his soul unto death.

He said he would return.  Will it be tomorrow?

I will go to the grave tomorrow to wrap and anoint his body.

Will I be able to care for my Lord, will the guards let us in, I wonder.

How will I feel if they have taken my Lord away and hid him?

Tomorrow I will know.

He sleeps one more night, He sleeps tonight.  

O my Jesus, how I ache to hear your voice, feel your love once again.

I’ve seen your hands reach to those who are hungry, lonely and feeble.

You show love, you show peace, mercy and forgiveness.

How I wait in darkness as you sleep.

Resurrection is the exact opposite of death. It occurs when someone goes from being dead to being alive. If there is no death; there can be no resurrection.  Time to rest, time to be still, listen, wait and watch God prove His glory!

Philippans 3:10  That I may know him as my complete Saviour, with the power of his resurrection in raising me from the death of sin, into all the life of love, and also the fellowship of his sufferings, being crucified with him. And made conformable to his death in as much as to be dead to all things here below.

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