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The Making of Diamonds

diamond-in-the-roughHave you ever thought about the amount of time, energy and resources in the making of a diamond?  Temperature, pressures and time, along with all the right ingredients form something beautiful.  Diamonds are transparent which lets light pass through without any obstruction.  

There is potential in each of us—a gem that’s waiting to be cut and polished and refined.  We might not see it in ourselves or in others, but it’s there and God sees it.  God sees the value!  When we focus on what is right, true and holy, we turn from “diamonds in the rough’ into beautiful brilliant gems.  There is an amazing transformation as we once were diamonds in the rough, are now bonded in relationship with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  We all have the opportunity to become chosen, holy and members of the body of Christ through His death, burial and resurrection and the infilling of His Spirit.  With time and as our relationship with Jesus grows, we should see beyond the differences we have with all people.  We shouldn’t refuse to look for the image of God in others.  We all have a stone that holds beauty, however it just needs to be polished, chipped or cut to bring out the gem.  God works in all of our lives to chip away all that hides the beauty of who we really are.  God looks on the heart and the attitude not just a rough exterior.  In the heart of David, God saw the qualities that would make David a king.  He was a diamond in the rough whose true beauty was brought forth as the Spirit of God worked in his life.  David was a gem, a true diamond.  As God’s children we all have beauty within but we must be willing to let God uncover our beauty.  God sees us not as gravel but gems.  At times we may have been rough around the edges, but with a little cutting, a little refinement by the Spirit of God we can become a gem to reflect the light of God.  Such things as lies, anger, stealing, unwholesome talk, bitterness, rage, slander, malice, and sexual immorality scar the beauty of the gem within.  There are actions and attitudes in each of us that block the reflection of the light of God.  As the master diamond cutter, God works to chisel away the roughness so that we might truly reflect the light of God.  Too many of us are satisfied with being a “diamond in the rough” or don’t even know we are a diamond.  The goal of all this work is complete transparency, a transparency to the light of God so that we might receive that light into our life and transmit that light into the lives of others.

How and where are diamonds formed? 
Diamonds form between 120-200 kms or 75-120 miles below the earth’s surface. According to geologists the first delivery of diamonds was somewhere around 2.5 billion years ago and the most recent was 45 million years ago. That is a long time! According to science, the carbon that makes diamonds comes from the melting of pre-existing rocks in the Earth’s upper mantle. There is an abundance of carbon atoms in the mantle. Temperature changes in the upper mantle forces the carbon atoms to go deeper where it melts and finally becomes new rock, when the temperature reduces. If other conditions like pressure and chemistry is right then the carbon atoms in the melting crustal rock bond to build diamond crystals. There is no guarantee that these carbon atoms will turn into diamonds. If the temperature rises or the pressure drops then the diamond crystals may melt partially or totally dissolve. Even if they do form, it takes thousands of years for those diamonds to come anywhere near the surface. 

Mother Nature has to toil for millions of years to make a diamond. When you own a piece of diamond, you own something, which is a legend in the making. It has not been made in a factory just the other day. A diamond comes from the bosom of the earth. More interestingly not all the diamonds mined are made into jewelry. Only one-fourth quantity that is mined is made into jewelry. Every 100 tons of mud produces one carat of a diamond. 

 The next time you look at your diamond, think about the amount of time, energy and resources have gone into making that particular one.

shiny-diamondsYou are no different, for as God looks down upon you, He sees a perfect flawless diamond and with a little time and effort will shine His glory!

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.


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