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Everyone Was Bumble Bee Fighting…HAA

bee-fight spencerEver heard of fighting bees?  Yep, it’s my family.  My great grandmother and grandfather Cobb started it all and it has been passed down for generations now.  You may think it is odd and a little insane but the story is true.  We have bumblebee fights!  Our family have been in the news several times, local, Back Roads with Hal Wolford and the famous Country Fried Videos with Bill Engvall.  I had a friend who lives in Virginia and she called me one morning to tell me that she saw my brother fighting bees on TV.  I just laughed and said, “Yes, it is true”.  We are the only family in which I know of in the United States, which does this.  I feel honored or maybe just a little crazy or should I say, redneck.  

Here is how it works.  Someone finds a nest in the ground.  These bees are large black bees, which fly fairly slow, until they get angry which, and then they become aggressive attackers.  Everyone gets two bushes in their hands.  These swatters are made of small thin twigs with lots of leaves.  Most of the time, the bee’s nests are quite annoying to the owner of the land and they need to get rid of them.  So instead of burning them with gasoline to rid the nest, they call the Cobbs, the bee busters.  Once someone runs over the nest and aggravates the bees, the bees then come out and follow the rattling bushes.  The crowd of people all holds bushes waiting to be attacked.  Then the swatting takes place!  Women scream, men scream and children holler, the crowd goes wild whacking the air to swat down the bees. It is quite entertaining to watch! It’s like a dance that is yet to be discovered.  The bees are knocked to the ground and then stomped on.  It is the only time you can release anger, pent up aggression by whacking your cousin, neighbor or fellow bee fighter up side the head or on his back with a bush.  It is quite contagious when you attend one of these events for people come from miles around to watch and laugh.  They sit in their cars with windows rolled up or they can’t take the just sitting there and they join us. I am looking forward to summer, cause it’s then another memory will be made.  I had a cousin to get stung over 15 times, but “nothing like a little chewing tobacco won’t cure”, at least that is what my grandmother said.  I can’t participate anymore because I got stung several years ago which left me sitting in front of the toilet throwing up all night and a bump on my arm from the sting that lasted over six months.  I take pictures now and run from the little devils.  bee-fight-0991

Yes, the bees are little devils.  When you think about it, sometimes we find ourselves in spiritual warfare.  We run in to a territory in which they inhabit, claiming what is ours in the first place and force them to leave.  Our devils in our life don’t want to leave and they will put up a fight.  Sometimes entertaining to others, sometimes people get hurt, and get scared.  However in the end there is victory.  Bees are quite like the things we face in our world, which we want to rid.  Whether, hang-ups, habits or little sin, they will continue to sting if we don’t kill them in the first place.  Playing with the enemy is dangerous and can leave us feeling sick or scarred for the rest of our life.  Death can even occur through one little sin if it is not eradicated.  One or two little sins that we let hang around becomes eventually an entire nest.  So the next time you let little sins become a daily part of your life, be aware one becomes many and you might just have to call on a bunch of crazy people to help you get rid of the mess.  The foolishness can lead you to the One who has all answers!

   1Corinthians 1:21  For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Preaching is a specific function that God uses to warn sinners of His impending judgment and it’s results, and to offer the gift of salvation through repentance and belief in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Was Bumble Bee Fighting…HAA”

  1. Engvall would LOVE this. I can see it now – to the tune of “Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting”!!! or “Another One Bites the Dust” …too good!

  2. Ummm, you reckon’ that’s what could be wrong with us? You know this sounds completly nuts and abnormal. LOL:) Proud to be a Cobb… I think. LOL. I can’t wait to post pics and stories all over my restraunt about such. LEGENDARY… well, who would have thought that bee fighters could also be mighty warriors for GOD. Amen?

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