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Supreme Loyalty

Meet Romeo, Zac, Eddie and Roxie. Yes, they are all dogs. If you have a dog, then you know how enjoyable and fun they can be. Roxie is my Shih Tzu. Romeo and Zac are doggie friends who she gets to visit and Eddie visits us. Roxie is an excellent example of loyalty and companionship. She never talks back with an attitude, always listens and never complains. The only small complaining is the occasional whine to go outside and even then it is tolerable.Roxie

She follows me around room to room never wanting to be away, napping quite often and with an occasional playtime of tug of war. She even repeats back to me, “I love you” in her little doggie voice. One of the things about being a dog owner is how we learn about their loyalty. img_9622

Loyalty defined is faithfulness, devotion, trustworthiness, constancy, reliability, dependability and steadfast. Wow, what a great word, loyal. Roxie loves to see us when we come home. She never ignores us, but greets with her tail wagging as if she hasn’t seen us in years. She is the first to jump up in your arms to give us love, for snuggles and for the doggy kiss. She is constant with her greetings and with her love. Dogs are more than just a friendly presence but are known to give their owners great health benefits. Whereas people are known to judge, criticize or belittle, dogs show loyalty to the one who feeds and cares for them.


They sense the natural, simple goodness and the potential in people in which they try to bring it out with their own way of nurturing and protecting. Dogs seem to ignore our worst side and see the best in us.











When we talk about loyalty, God is the ultimate example. God’s love is so loyal, He is ready to meet and greet us at anytime. He never judges, belittles or criticizes us. He is there to nurture, love, listen, protect and provide. He sees the best and who we can be. He is constant, faithful, trustworthy and dependable. God desires a response of loyalty to Himself, His Word, and His people. He, who knows all, knows the true definition of what it means to be loyal. He also knows all believers who rely on Him and those who continually depend upon His loyal love. He wants His children to develop loyal love just as He expects loyalty between husband and wife. He shows loyalty as a friend and wants us to do likewise. God’s loyal love is the only thing that keeps us alive in spite of sinning habitually. So the next time your dog greets you, reflect on the loyalty of God. Jesus Christ is the greatest companionship and the best example of loyalty you will ever find. The supreme thing about the loyalty love of God is it never ends, never leaves, never fails and never forsakes. God is love and is loyal.

I John 4:8 God is love.

Psalms 136 His love endures forever.

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