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Knocking Down or Building Up


So now you find yourself facing a wall, what will you do?  Pushing down walls I find can be fearful, stressful and heartbreaking.  Life can put us in situations that cause us to panic or be depressed or hurt.  Sometimes it is because of our own mistakes and sometimes it is because of others.  Walls are structures to divide and to support which also can be used for defensive.  Walls are not only physical but also psychological obstacles.  Walls need to be torn down and sometimes walls need to be built up.  Sometimes we don’t always want a wall, we turn around and run into it and wonder, how that got there.  Walls prevent us from reaching our goal or letting others reach us.  But also walls can prevent harm coming to areas in which we guard so dearly but we must only allow them for a time.  So in truth we are ultimately responsible for building walls in our life.  We have control over if the wall stays or goes.

Will you stand and just look at your wall?  Will you try to break it down?  Will you ignore it?  Will you build it higher? 

I don’t want to be confined or sheltered from what God has for me.  I want the freedom to walk with Him in every situation and not be restricted where God wants me to go.  He alone protects me from every situation.  I shouldn’t allow myself to be put in a box nor should I put God in a box.  You must decide today how you will tear the walls down in which causes you heartache, stress, depression, fear, limitations or unbelief.  You can start with praying.  As you pray and ask God to help you, imagine you are standing with a chisel, sledgehammer or dynamite which ever you prefer.  You can take one chip out at a time or just blow the entire thing up and sweep out the pieces.  It is a process and sometimes don’t happen overnight but you can get through it.  Timing is everything in which you learn to lean on the One who can help you.  You will make it, I promise with the help from the Almighty!  After the walls have come down, look around and see the beauty of freedom and peace.  Take a deep breath and walk among the fields of harvest.  Lift up your hands and worship with liberty, self-determination and choice.  When you reach this point, the walls will no longer confine.  Your labor for His Kingdom will not be in unproductive but beautiful and without limitations!

Isaiah 25:12  And the strong tower of your walls has been broken by him, made low, and crushed even to the dust.prayer-woman-in-field-with-arms-stretch


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