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No Weapon

prayI will not coward down in the face of the enemy!  He may try to punch or smack my face or hit with a force in which knocks me down.  He may laugh at my failures or weakness.  He may torment my mind to defame my very being.  However, I know whom I am and I shall stand in the very midst of the battle.  I do not stand-alone.  I stand with the King of Kings, the Almighty Creator, Father of All and Savior!  I am a warrior who stands, not on my own strength but as a child of the Lord!

We must depend upon God for the safety of our family, our children, our very lives.  It is only through Him in which we are protected.  The enemy invades our land every opportunity he can get to try and make us lay down our sword and just give up.  We must be confident for God has our best interest. We are His children on and off the battlefield.  The enemy seeks to insult and take over our territory.  He doesn’t care how, when, where or why, he only wants victory to conquer your soul and the souls of your family.  We must remember he is not so powerful that we live defeated because he has overpowered us. He cannot overpower us for the only power given to him is limited.  We ultimately have a power more powerful than he, if God lives within us.  The power that even death cannot conquer is heritage to the servants of the Most High.

The weapons satan uses shall not prove strong enough to do any harm to the people of God; it shall miss the mark, fall to the wayside or even backfire in his face.  If we had spiritual eyes, we could see the arrows of deceit lying all around us.  I want to imagine a force field or shield, like in Star Trek, which surrounds us bouncing off the blows. The shield comes down when we loose connection with our Savior and try to live life on our own without His protection or guidance in relationship.  Without this connection, we find ourselves wounded and searching for God again.  Many of us will call these setbacks, failures, or backsliding, but I see them as battle scars, for I return to the front of the line again to stand.  I do not plan to run back to the camp and hide letting the enemy think he has won.

As children of God, we must accept the wars of tribulation, trials and mental battles of life.   God’s people must expect frequent alarms.  However, the promise is satan’s attempt will end in his own ruin.  God will make satan and his workers fall.  He does this the sake of the love he bears to his church and the care he has of it, in answer to the prayers made by his people, and in pursuance of the promises made to them. “They shall fall, that you may stand,” God promises protection. There shall be no fears within; there shall be no fighting without.

Isaiah 54:17  No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, says the Lord.   

God speaks:  My obedient children are invincible.  There shall be no man stand against you; others will fear you for what you have done thru Me.  No one shall come against you and the work I have prepared for you.  I will cause your enemies that try to rise up against you to be smitten before your face.  Your enemy will be scattered. I am with you; I will not leave you or fail you.  I am the One who will give you rest as you stand.  Your enemies will lie down at your feet, defeated without prosper.  I alone will drive them out from your home.  Stand without fear and unbelief!  You are mine and I am yours.  You have the power to overcome.  Activate My Spirit within your soul to put up the shield of protection.  The power lies within you, not the enemy.  You are more than a conquer through Me.  I fight the battle, you stand; love me as I love you.


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