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Get a Drink

glass of waterHave you ever been really thirsty and come running in to get a drink of cold water?  How refreshing it is!  You don’t take little sips but you gulp it down.  With each swallow you feel more refreshed.  This is like grace.  With each gulp, it makes you refreshed and stronger.  Grace is like also like a blanket.  It is that comfort of knowing we are protected in His eyes. Protected from the law, which condemns and defaces us of whom we really are as a child of God.  As our trials increase, we need to grow stronger in grace, in our faith and love of Jesus Christ. This is opposed to our being strong in our own strength for we cannot handle stress or the pressures of life without grace. If you find yourself lacking spiritual strength, take a drink of the glass of grace and wrap yourself in the blanket of grace.  The grace of Jesus and His Spirit is always flowing and ready to give to anyone who asks for it. Grace, whether its work is to pardon, to cleanse, to preserve, to strengthen, to enlighten, to quicken, or to restore, is ever to be had from Jesus freely and without price.  Grace belongs equally to every person, so the influences of grace are the inheritance of every Christian. As we day by day receive grace from Jesus, and more constantly recognize it as coming from Him, we grow in a deeper relationship with Him. 

2 Tim 2:1 My child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

We are to be strong in the freedom of sin, the pleasing quality.  We are not to be weak.  Spiritual strength comes from knowing grace. If you find yourself in being spiritually weak, it could be the understanding of grace is absent or weak in your daily life.  God wants to use us in the supernatural and be strong in His grace.  He wants us to be established by grace from the heart, our inner man.  The grace of God is to stabilize us in living for him.  How do we be strong in grace?  First is to know what grace is and where it comes from, how it works and how to draw from it to make us strong.  There can be much instability in people’s lives because of inconsistency of knowing what grace is.  Grace brings stability on the inside, however law is manifested on the outside and when we can’t measure up to the law, we feel as though we are failures.

Let us talk about law and grace. Both are of God but do different things.  People who live under the law can’t see the message of grace because they are looking to the law to be perfect and holy. Yes, we are to strive to be perfect and to be holy, for God is holy.  However, the perfection and holiness comes from allowing Jesus to rule and reign in us, not following rules and regulations people set up.  Holiness and perfection cannot come from following the law of the old covenant because Jesus is the new covenant.  Jesus fulfilled the old covenant in which we don’t have to fulfill.  Law is very limited. The inability of law is it cannot make anyone perfect in any way.  It demands it but yet does not provide us the resources for us to grow in the demand.    Ability of law is not to be done away; it tutors us to Christ to show us the need for Jesus in our lives. If you have law without grace, I have found this is why many believers depart from the faith because they fill as though they never can measure up.  It is sad to say, that most of us started out with the law and not of grace.  I remember it was law, which showed me I was a sinner, and the need for Jesus in my life.  Grace was only a word in which I knew of how I was saved.  Grace didn’t have much meaning to me in the beginning.  We need Grace, in forgiveness and in new life.  Grace not law.  It is a new covenant.  This covenant is of grace, which is in and through Jesus Christ.  God’s grace gives us a testimony and it builds, transforms and strengthens us.  Grace is the new covenant, the gospel.

Grace will build you up and give you an inheritance.  Every Christian is familiar with grace and law.  Most Christian know that being a Christian you get a royal inheritance, which is heaven.  We all know we must have the grace of God.  I am talking about the grace that builds you up.  Edify, mature, grow and prepare us for service and fruitfulness can only be by grace.  Grace is not only saved us in a sense then dropped out of the scene, but to help us mature.  We all can have grace. We all have the inheritance by grace but some people can’t be built up because they strive to live by law, they think growth depends on their works in their righteousness of law.  Law can’t build us up, only grace can. Sin doesn’t dominate my life because we are under grace.  To keep people from sinning, we show them the law, but the law cannot keep us under the domination of sin.  We can live free from sin because we are under grace, living more like Christ, letting Christ live in us.  If righteous comes through the law, then Christ died in vain.  Righteousness is a demand by the law and we cannot be righteous with Jesus.

In closing remarks, we can’t live by every Scripture in the Bible for it is too hard and no one is perfect.  We cannot live by the law for we will feel defeated, weak and incomplete.  If we try to obey law through works or portray law on the outside our inner man will struggle and spiritual weakness will occur.  However, if we live by grace in accepting the blanket from Jesus Christ in through him how he fulfilled the law, we continue to grow strong in grace and live spiritually free.  Once we realize the power of grace, sin will not be manifested in us for we strive to be more like Jesus, not the condemnation of law.  Drink from the glass of grace today and be made strong.


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