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The Key

keyFaith, the key to what you may be looking for.

Hebrews 11  … By Faith!  

When you read the eleventh chapter of Hebrews is recounts all the happenings of “by faith”.  This world at times seems dim and ugly for life can play a many of awful cruelties in a lifetime.  I see people who are my age and younger who look as though they are much older because they have had a rough life.  Sometimes by choices they have made or sometimes by their environment they grew up in.  I have seen women who have experienced bad marriages, children crisis, abusers of alcohol and drugs and seen all of these take toil on the body.  However, there comes a time when we all must reach that crossroad and it takes faith to choose the right path that leads to a better life.  Those crossroads are keys and come many different times in our lives and at moments we choose not to stop and pick up those keys.  Later down the path of life, the keys appear again.

Faith holds the key to many promises.  Faith gets you out of messes.  Faith is what pleases God.  Faith is moving forward with your life in spite of the scars, circumstances or environment.  Faith is what leads you to finding happiness, joy and peace.  Possibly right now you have been praying for something new in your life and if you will search deep enough you are holding the key to the door of a new life.  Walking by faith life.

Many times throughout the Bible the stories we read about began with faith.  Your life may seem dim and hopeless now, but by faith in God and trusting Him, you too will reach the fulfillment of His promises and share the testimony with others.  Yes, it is like stepping out a window and walking on a tightrope ten stories in the air, and yes the unknown future can be fearful.  From headaches to knots in your stomach, to heart beating fast and sweating out the small fractures of business, life goes on.

Faith inspires some to the most heroic endeavors, both civil and military. Faith overcomes all obstacles and its effects; attains to the very best; and inverts, by its miraculous power the very course of nature.  It is the power booster to help project all of us to do great things.

Faith has a way to God in all dangers and difficulties, and then makes grateful returns to God for all mercies and deliverances. By faith, the servants of God shall overcome. The believer’s faith endures to the end, and, in dying, gives him victory over death. The grace of faith, wherever it is, will put men upon acknowledging God in all their ways. It will make men bold and courageous in a good cause.  

We can leave a testimony as to the trials and acts of faith and be of great value to others. People likely to grow and are distinguished for faith, will be those who unlock the door of faith and exercise it.  Faith will enable people to serve God.   Unbelievers are often opposed to God and his people; but God can easily subdue all if we truly believe God has our best interest. By faith we have comfort of the promises; and by faith we are prepared to wait for the promises, and in due time to receive them.

key in doorToday or the next time you may be at a crossroad in your life, look down and pick up the key to a new life.  A life of faith.


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