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The Little Things

images-6It was after nine as Jeff and I took one stroll around the room to look at the flowers and gifts left to all of us in memory of Johnnie.   As we were alone, music now could be heard as it broke the silence and the chill in the air.  Tired we walked up to the casket and I watched Jeff pat his daddy on the hand and smile at him. He held in the emotion of wanting to be strong as the tears filled his eyes. With that pat, he let out a sigh, a relief of peace yet pain of sadness.  Three nights ago when we were saying our prayer of thankfulness, he leaned over and kissed his daddy’s lifeless body and said,  “I am going to preach you the best funeral you have ever heard”.  I believe Jeff knows that day is coming so too soon.   Today is that day.  A son preaching his father’s funeral will be hard for a grieving son, but I am confident in the Lord He will give him words to minister.


Around 600 people came to the funeral yesterday evening for visitation.  The little things people remembered is so touching.  One man told me, “Johnnie weighed each one of my kids on the meat scale when they were babies”, another one said, “When my house burnt down in 1966, Johnnie and Benita was the first ones there and the first one to bring us groceries”.  Another lady came and told me that when she was little, her and a friend would ride their bikes down to the store and Johnnie would give them some candy and tell them, “You girls are prettiest little girls”.  Many people came up and told me they were their second set of parents.  Little gestures that brought about a big impact to the old and also to the young alike.  So don’t think the little things don’t count, because they do.  People will remember the little things, small things that seem so silly.  A smile and a kind word will go a long way, maybe more than I realized.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I left, thanking God I lived in a community of friends, family and neighbors who never forget the “little things”.  

Zechariah 4:10  In the work of God, the day of small things is not to be despised. God often chooses weak instruments, to bring about mighty things: and tho’ the beginnings be small, he can make the latter end greatly to increase.


2 thoughts on “The Little Things”

  1. Enjoyed the sweet reminder of how simple words and deeds are small investments that insure great dividends. If you do an email blast or newsletter count me in. I think I’ve met you before with Kristin R at one of those “preacher thingys” we reluctantly go to(but are thankful for when we pull off the masks). Anyway, enjoyed your word-be blessed.

  2. I am very saddened today about your loss. When I heard of Johnnie passing the first thing I thought of was when I was leaving church on Sunday morning and he grabbed me by the arm and asked ,”I really like your sweater. How did you know that was my favorite color?”. I do not know him as many do but to know that everytime I look through my closet and see that sweater (that I personally did not like), I look for a good pair of jeans to go with it and I think of Johnnie says something about his character. That was the only time he spoke to me and it stayed with me. I could only imagine how he is missed by those who knew him well. I remember at my grandmothers funeral it seemed as though the whole town was there. It brought peace to my soul knowing she was loved by so many. She touched many in one way or another as did Johnnie. My prayers go out to you. God Bless your family.

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