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Knowing Religion

thinkWhat do you think about true religion and I am not talking about the trendy $100+ jeans.  I am talking about religion.  Who needs it?  Religion in itself is form without power.  It is not a relationship or a covenant between you and God.  Religion can be going to church, Bible reading, prayer, worship, being a good person and serve others, however without fellowship with Jesus Christ it all becomes acts of service.  The key factor to worship is to know the one who you love in a give and receive relationship.  Relationship must replace Christian religion.  Religion is not bad in sense of knowing to do well, however without the true fellowship with Jesus is like the Pharisee who obeys law without grace.  Many religions practice obeying laws but don’t practice the grace and mercy. Grace and mercy come from fellowship with Jesus.  

Everyone who decides to live a Christian life, the first things one must do of course is repent and asks forgiveness of their sins.  A new life starts with doing what is right but also forming a relationship.  However as time goes on, the religion replaces the fellowship.  This is why so many people walk around feeling defeated, depressed or fall back into sin is because they have tried religion instead of relationship.  There are two components in a relationship with Jesus.  Live pleasing to Him and live for Him.  Obeying the Word of God is pleasing to Him.  Going to church is pleasing to Him.  Having righteous living along with attitudes and motives are pleasing and living for Him.  These are all great things to do, however if you never communicate with Him, the life is still void.  You can be a good person but not be in relationship with Him.  We are to expect to meet God on a daily basis, just as you do when you wake up to your spouse or your children.  You talk to them, be with them and show affection.  Acts of service is great when you do what you are suppose to do as a wife or husband, but if all you did was just service without communication, it turns into just that, acts.  Having a form of godliness but denying the power.  Intimacy with Jesus is more important than work or serving.  Serving can be a distraction from loving on God and spending time with Him.  Ministry never should take the place of intimacy and is a choice.  Power and demonstration of His glory follows those who believe and those who have intimacy.  The intimacy in which you may be looking for is the answer for anxiety, to fill the void in your soul and ultimately to joy, peace and happiness. Find the relationship and the religion will take care of itself.

2 Timothy 3:5 Having a form of religion, but turning their backs on the power of it: go not with these. 


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