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A Healthy Marriage

heathy marriageWhen God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He told them to be fruitful and multiply.  They were the perfect example of a happy and healthy marriage and a healthy environment.  Only when they let outside influence creep into their relationship did trouble and heartache began.  Once sin entered into their world, it affected their relationship with God, their intimacy level with each other and their living conditions in their world.  One mistake changed history for all of us when it comes to marriage.  

Ultimately a healthy marriage takes work on both parties.  A healthy marriage plays a big part in having a healthy community.  People want to do something to make their town a better place to live, the best thing to do for your community is have a healthy marriage.  Do you want to live longer, be wealthier, mentally and emotional stable and productive on your job?  Have a healthy marriage. Do you want your children to be less likely to be pregnant as a teen, impregnate, less likely to get into drugs,  crimes, or sexual abuse?  Have a healthy marriage.  Whether you are aware of it or not, having a healthy marriage can either make or break a community.

One of the biggest human nature sin that came in during the fall of man was selfishness.  I have seen many marriages fall apart because one party feels though they need to be happy, or deserve to be happy.  They would rather take the easy way out for greater pleasure at the moment and end with unhappiness in the long run.  Selfishness is an automatic way of nature but it is opposite of what God wants.  You can’t be selfish and please God all in one breath.  Having God in the center of your marriage is a way to solve everything, including selfishness.  Want to break selfishness?  This is solved by the act of serving.  Serving takes on the attributes of God in the acts of giving to the other person and meeting their needs first.  It becomes contagious.  If you can make a habit of serving the other, within three weeks time the rotation will began.  The other person will began to serve back and this is where the joy begins.  Learning how to give to one another takes time and yes it is hard sometimes but in the end, everyone is much happier and healthier!


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Marriage”

  1. I’m learning more everyday! Spending time with my hubby and family has become a priority to me. You taught me that early on…I guess you could say that I’m finally gettin’ it! 🙂 Thank you for the example you and Pastor set for God’s people in your own relationship. Your words are awesome, but it is so true that actions speak louder, and you guys most certainly walk the walk!

  2. This is so True and in Life finding your soul mate is Great we just need to keep in mind IT TAKES THREE, to make anything work..

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