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The Voice

Do you hear the voice? 

The voice of God is like a noise of many waters and the earth shines with His glory.  The voice of the Lord is upon the waters.  The voice of the Lord is powerful and the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.  The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars.  The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire.  The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness or it throws down the trees, and so discovers the ground that was shaded by them.

Have you ever wondered where David was when he wrote Psalms 29?  If you really take note, he must have been right in the middle of a thunderstorm. Upon reading this book, I never had put this book and storms together.  I don’t know about you but I love storms especially in the summer or on the beach overlooking the water.  I think of how powerful God is with His creation and His work.  He makes me smile and excited when I hear and feel a storm brewing.  You may think I am weird but I find beauty in it all.  As I sit here on my computer this morning and over look the broken trees from the ice storm, it is not an ugly scene to me, but I see beauty in the brokenness and the power of His voice.

When David penned these words was he looking across the water, taking note on the fierce waves?  Was he talking about lightening striking even the hardest most valuable trees with fire?  He was praising God and enjoying every minute of the storm without being afraid.  He was listening to the voice!


Hearing God’s voice is something we all long for but did you know that it’s not hard to do? In fact, God wants you to hear His voice! He doesn’t speak to us through vibes, astrology or fortune-tellers. Hearing the voice of God is as natural as hearing your best friend talk to you. What’s more, we can hear Him everyday and not just on special occasions. He speaks to us in the natural moments of life. Do you want to hear God’s voice? Then you must be ready to listen.  Why do you want to hear God’s voice? Motives, attitudes and actions are important in anything we do and we want our life to be productive, effective, along with happiness and having peace.

We can hear God’s voice through reading or hearing the words of the Bible.  It is our road map to salvation, healing and abundant life. We can hear the voice through the words and works of Jesus and knowing Him through personal relationship.  We can hear the voice through prayer. 
We must engage in conversation with Him moments throughout the day.  A conversation works both with listening and talking.  Sitting still and just waiting for Him to speak.  I like to wake up every morning and say, “Good morning God, I love you today and I know you will be with my plans today and I thank you for all things.”  I then find time to read and just sit with my coffee and read or write and journal my thoughts and His words. Once we’ve prepared our hearts to listen through prayer, we’re more likely to hear the voice of God.   At the end of the day as I crawl into bed, I imagine I am crawling up in my daddy’s lap, just like a little girl, into my God’s arms for rest.  I pray that He shows me things in dreams and vision as I am resting in His presence.   God speaks to us through His Spirit drawing us and helping us discern what is from Him and what is from our flesh, so it is important to have His Spirit living on the inside, not just feeling Him on the outside during a church service.  God speaks through our thoughts, God speaks through conversations with others, and God speaks through circumstances.  God speaks through all things when we have Him on our mind.

As we approach spring, the thunderstorms will come.  Whenever it thunders let us think of Psalm 29.  Let us think of the loud thunderbolts we have sometimes heard, and bring God’s words and his works together that by both we may be directed and quickened to give unto him the glory due unto his name.  Let us bless him that there is another voice of His besides this one, by which God now speaks to us, even the still small voice, which shall not make us afraid. Do you want to hear the voice?


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