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I See Trees Walking

Jesus encountered a blind man and led him out of town.  He then spit on his eyes and put his hands on him and asked him what he saw.  The man replied he saw men as trees walking.  So Jesus put his hands again upon his eyes and made him look up and he was restored and saw every man clear.  Mark 8:22dead-tree-in-dark

Let us take note here the blind man was brought to Jesus by his friends with hope that He would touch him. It seems just as today, we are to go out and bring others, spiritually blind, to Christ in hopes they may be touched in a way to change their life.  When we even take a closer analogy of the story, faith played a big part on the believers who brought him.  We must believe that Jesus will change those we bring to church for the first touch of His Spirit.  The blind man himself is not for sure if he can be healed either.  Many spiritually blind people don’t seek healing in this sense because they misunderstand the spiritual things.  If those that are spiritually blind do not pray for themselves, yet let their friends and relations pray for them, they may not be fully healed in the sense of discerning spiritual things.  The next conclusion to this story is we must take the hand and be led by Jesus, wherever He takes us, we must go.  Why did Jesus lead him out of town?  Jesus wants to lead us away from the hustle and bustle of daily life where we can just sit with Him in privacy with a one on one experience.  The next key here in this story is time. We do not know how long Jesus led this man nor do we know who followed.  We also do not know how long the duration of being blindly led.  When we are brought to Christ, walk with Him in to unknown places, even when our faith is weak we must keep walking.  The blind man could have said no, or his friends could have encouraged him to go, the point is, we all have little faith which needs to be increased.  Jesus could have just spoke the word and the man be healed the instant He saw the blind man.  Instead He chose to heal the man slowly to increase his faith and unbelief.  God will do this with others too.  Sometimes we just need patience and wait on His timing. 

When Jesus spit on the man’s eyes, He asked him what he saw.  The man’s eyesight was not completely healed for he saw man as trees walking.  I wonder what hindered the man from seeing fully?  He put his hands again upon his eyes, to disperse the remaining darkness, and then bade him look up again, and he saw every man clearly.

Through this example Christ would show how, and in a different method He chooses to use.   Those who are healed by his grace, who by nature are spiritually blind; at first, their knowledge is confused, they see men as trees walking; however when they come into a place of surrender with faith and intimacy with Christ they will see things clearly.  Faith is the substance hoped for with the evidence of things not seen. Furthermore through grace, we may hope that we shall see yet more and more for Jesus Christ will perfect forever those that are sanctified.   When we feel confused, being led blindly to a place of healing, or can’t see what Jesus wants us to do, continue to have faith for a miracle to take place.  Miracles come not in what we do but in whom we are with, it is with the Almighty.  You don’t have to see trees walking as men, if you will just believe in the second touch of Jesus, you will see things more clearly.


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