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images3Have you seen people who can’t make a decision?  This is not being double-minded it just means they are having trouble finalizing a decision.  A double minded person is one who knows his actions go against what he believes.  One minute portraying this way and another minute another way.  You can’t really put your finger on what they believe.  Read on! 

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Being double-minded is a problem that can damage Christians and can manifest itself in several areas of their lives. The Greek word translated “double-minded” is dipsuchos, from dis, meaning “twice,” and psuche, meaning “mind.” James uses it to describe someone who is divided in his interests or loyalties, wavering, uncertain, two-faced, half-hearted.  Part of this double-minded spirituality, besides serving the flesh and instead of having a heart focus for Christ alone, is the idea that a person can have the ‘best’ of both ‘worlds.’ The double minded man is actually dishonest with themselves and others, and appears to use truth and lies in whatever situation to benefit them in some way.  It has to do with motives and attitudes in which starts in the mind and manifests in actions. The double-minded person is filled with hypocrisy. This is one of the biggest excuses why people don’t come to church.  They say, “too many hypocrites”. 

We cannot have one half of our mind on Him, and the other half on desires or lust of the flesh, and so on, because the God given promise of that type of commitment, is the total destruction of that soul for eternity.  Revelation says that God will spit you out if you are lukewarm.  A person must have his mind made up to be sold out or the war is on in their mind.   If you serve God hard, it is easy but if you serve God easy, it’s hard.

Why is it dangerous of being double-minded and can a Christian become double-minded?  How?  Being double-minded means taking our focus off of Jesus Christ and letting things come between serving Him.  The things can be a person, organization, activity, position, job, money, possessions, religious belief system, culture, self-focus or self-importance, hobbies, perceived rights, politics, land or country, and quite simply, minding earthly things. Being caught up in life with no eternal value.  Unfortunately, while many are not deliberately trying to turn from their focus of God, others deliberately are double minded. Many are immature or have sin issues that they have not dealt with or are not being obedient to Scriptures. What are some other ways we can be double-minded?  Our communication with God should not have any doubt in Him answering our prayers.  Our decisions after prayer should make sure He agrees with our decisions, our motives and attitudes before we commit to actions.  We should also make sure our decisions are God centered and not self-centered.

Hearing the Word and not obeying is another way in being double-minded.  We deceive ourselves by having knowledge yet not applying it to our lives.  Jesus calls those foolish who hears the gospel and doesn’t obey.  Although no one can earn salvation by anything he does, we can lose our salvation by being “hearers only”

Selective obedience is another form of being double-minded.  Next, James targets double-minded keeping of the law. For centuries the Christian world has been of two minds concerning God’s law.  James shows the double-mindedness of embracing one point of the Ten Commandments while breaking another point of this law of love. You may look like a Christian on the outside, but the inside is unclean and shows no love.  You cannot pick out only certain Scriptures to follow and make it law.  The greatest commandment is to love.  Accept Jesus Christ as He came to fulfill the law.  We must apply grace and show love not judgement.

Another way in having double-minded faith is believing in God without performing the actions, or the “works,” that reflect that belief. James tells us that faith means more than just belief in God. Every Christian should be aware that “faith without works is dead”.

A double-minded person also has problems with their tongue.  If with our tongue “we bless God, and with it we curse men, then we’re speaking out of both sides of our mouth and are, therefore, double-minded. James calls the tongue “an unruly evil, full of deadly poison,” because abusive conversation can undermine the powerful influences of prayer, the inspired reading of God’s Word, the impartial treatment of people, and faith with works.  We have power in the tongue to bless or to curse.  Before passing along information that could hurt someone, we should ask ourselves: Does this need to be said, or do I just want to say it? Would more harm come by saying it or not saying it? If it needs to be said, am I sharing it with the right person? Before examining the words that flow from our mouth we should examine the thoughts of our minds and hearts, for, as Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” .  We cannot always control what we hear, but we can control what we hold dear in our hearts. We are bombarded with “corrupt” communication from coworkers, fellow students and acquaintances. Movies and magazines transmit values, morals and behavior far removed from those God expects of His followers.

Nevertheless, we must assimilate God’s words and ideals; they must become a part of us; we must keep them in our minds and hearts. “Purify your hearts, you double-minded..”. We should pray without doubting, read God’s Word with great care, show love, and speak edifying words that inspire friends and brethren to honor God.With single-minded attention to God’s will as shown in His Word, we can draw near to God and He will draw near to us. It’s not just trying to make a decision and wavering or pondering on what you should do, just do the right things and be stable and blessed!


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