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Normal Mindset



mindsetProverbs 14:8-16 

Sin ruins many great families.   Righteousness often raises and strengthens even the worst of families.  The world is made of many types of people.  What seems normal to us in our way of life will not be normal to others in a different culture.  Many things including habits and sin is passed down to our younger generations in which they too will develop into the norm of their past environment.  I have said it many times, “Your children will reflect you, they will represent you, they will be mini replicas of you.”  Although there is a chance in all families where there will be those who will change and break the cycle of generational learned mindset which could be better or even worse.   

We went out the other night and a man was next to us and started swearing out of habitual routine in his conversation.  He wasn’t angry; he was just enjoying using foul language in his dialogue.  I don’t think he even realized how offensive he was to others.  His actions I felt was upsetting and irritating yet you could tell this was a habitual part of his daily conversation.  God doesn’t say it will be easy to walk daily into a world where people act in their typical discourteous ways or even respect others.  Nevertheless it just makes me want to stand up and shout back to this man “Thank You Jesus!” just to prove my point, I too have words to say. When my oldest son refused our way of life during his teen years, he went and lived in a part of town where the culture was totally different.  It was the norm for women to have several babies by different dads, live off the government, drugs and drinking along with loud profanity music was prevalent.  In a heated argument he had told us that we were the people not normal.  In return I stated that I would rather be living in my normalcy than in his way of living.  Again it all goes back to mindset.  You allow yourself to live in what you want for your life instead of changing for the better.  I thank God daily He saved him from this future lifestyle.

The ways of carelessness, of worldliness, and of sensuality, seem right to those that walk in them, but self-deceivers prove to be self-destroyers.  It is all too sad but true.  Recently one of my sons lost an old friend through an overdose of drugs.  This young man of twenty experimented with drugs at an early age and then this experience became habit to him.  It became a normal part of his life routine.  It ultimately proved you can’t fool yourself when it comes to sin because in the end whatever time factor, it bites and stings hard.  Not only does it affect you yourself but also those around you and ultimately possible future generations.  Again it is the mindset in which you allow yourself to be part of.

Of all sinners backsliders will have the most terror when they reflect on their own ways. The old man can quickly resurface and bring with him greater hunger for self-satisfaction.  If you allow your mind to reflect too much on the good ole days, you will find yourself changing back to that formalism in which you were brought out of.  Once you know what sin can do in a person’s life, it is really foolish to return to that part of your life and expect a different result just because you seem older or wiser.  Decisions are made from the heart and will eventually manifest.  When a person strays from God, the drawing of the Spirit or the desire for His presence to return will always be tugging at the heart.  The Savior, once present but now shunned still lingers in waiting to be reignited.

A person, who is spiritually wise, depends on the Savior alone for acceptance. He is watchful against the enemies of his salvation, by taking heed to God’s word.  Holy fear guards against every thing unholy. This includes your environment, the people you run with, the things you expose yourself to and ultimately your relationship with God.   To me, normal is serving God to the fullest.  Having a made up mind to serve God and accept His love creates blessings in which I am proud to hand down to my children as a normal part of life.  Your mindset of life is your normalcy in which your children will live.  



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