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Are You Stuffing Yourself?

stuffing your faceAre you stuffing yourself with unhealthy emotions?  The process of stuffing emotions becomes a subconscious act and happens when we experience anything negative and don’t deal with it.  God says we are to be renewed in the spirit of our mind daily.  I have seen many people and marriages where people stuff away hurt feelings, anger, depression, unhappiness and unforgiving spirit until it gets to the point where they just explode under pressured circumstances.  

Signs of stuffed emotions are perfectionism, desire for control, self-doubt, criticism, or bursting emotions.  Those who stuff emotions try to keep everything perfect in their lives and those lives of others around them so there will be no cause for them to experience rejection, failure or criticism.  People who want to control others do so in order that no emotion has an opportunity to erupt.  People who have stuffed emotions often deal with feeling unloved or rejected and need security.  

Emotions can become trapped inside a person.  God made emotions and they must be felt and must be expressed.  When we refuse to let them out, emotions pay a price on our bodies and minds.  Many doctors are seeing results of emotion stuffers such as chronic back pain, heart problems, skin conditions, lack of sex drive, stomach problems, immune problems and breathing problems.  Emotions do not die when they are stuffed.  They only grow into unhealthy blobs of pain, attach themselves to one of our body parts and grow.  Once they have set up house in our bodies, the roots continue to go deep if we continue to stuff.  Those who have stuffed negative emotions such as anger or hostility for years don’t need much to set them off.  Have you ever just blown up over something stupid?  There have been times where I didn’t express how I felt when my husband hurt me and when I continued to let each seed of hurt that came my way be added to the previous hurt it grew into an explosion.  The words then come out like vomit projecting other seeds of emotion to hurt back.  Repressing certain emotions can be healthy in short term and can give a person a little extra time in dealing with emotions that might overwhelm to the point of a fight.  We all need a cooling off period, not a stuffing period.  

Don’t pack powerful or devastating emotions into the closet of your soul, because if you do, you are just sitting yourself up for trouble.  Learn how to express your emotions when feeling hurt.  Learn to love those who hurt you and learn how to communicate effectively.  Let your children express their feelings, let them cry, let them be heard.  Learn to say, “I feel” when you want to express something.  Expressing yourself doesn’t mean blaming or judging the other person for how you feel.  It is OK to feel and to express your feelings.  Learn to let others express how they feel also.  Accept their feelings, don’t try to fix it or change how they feel.  Just listen.  Stop the stuffing….be free to express your God given emotions!


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