Encouragement, Leadership, Love and Life of a Testimony

Strength For The Weary

images-4John 4:6  Jesus was tired from the long walk in the hot sun and sat wearily beside the well.

Everyone gets tired and sometimes just needs to rest and to be alone.  As Jesus was resting, a woman came to the well to get water.  Jesus found this a divine opportunity to witness to this woman whom otherwise wouldn’t even be speaking to because of culture barriers.  Although the woman was surprised to have this Jewish man talk to her, not only did she receive Jesus and His words but also went to share it with others.  

Many times we get tired and weary.  We find time to rest and just need to be alone to clear our mind. When Jeff and I travel, I love getting on a plane, sitting by the window and rest.  I love watching the clouds, dozing off or even reading.  I look for the empty seats with no one else to have to sit by.  However, most of the time a stranger sits with us and then the conversation starts.  This last short trip I took, a man and wife sat beside me.  They were an elderly couple and I noticed he was reading a Christian book.  As I sat back, staring out the window the man started talking.  Here we go, now I must engage with this complete stranger for another hour.  Sometimes I feel annoyed yet as the Spirit prompts me to witness or to show Christ’s love and this is when the weariness leaves.  Upon arrival to our destination, I am thankful for the opportunity to witness.  I look ahead one row up and Jeff is working on finishing his discussion with his seat mate.   We have met some very interesting people.  On the way to Israel, seventeen hours I might add, we sat next to a movie producer.  Peter very active and energetic went on to explain how the film, The Exodus Conspiracy was showing in Israel the following week.  He allowed us to watch this two hour documentary how they proved the exodus of Moses by visiting all the places where Moses would have been.  The documentary will show sometime this year in the states and I highly recommend viewing.  God puts people in our paths for a reason and we need to seize the opportunity.  Strength comes in many forms.

The next time you find yourself weary, your strength can come in the form of a nap, a mini getaway or in a divine appointment where you can show others the love of Jesus Christ.  In that time of weariness, the Spirit takes over and strength will manifest its beauty.  Not only will you affect that person but you could also change an entire community just like the woman at the well.  Open up your arms for the next strength booster and you will be empowered to take on another challenge.


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