God Speaks

Presence, Power and Glory

A place of power, a place of rest, a place of intimacy.  God allowed me to experience His presence in a dream one morning this past week.  The weight of His glory was upon me in such a way I couldn’t hardly move.  The language I spoke was heavenly.  God spoke to me with several things and even in my dream I was trying to write them down.  The only thing I could remember was this:  

 God Speaks:  Distractions will come.  The way of the wicked is judgment but the way of the righteous is clear.  More things will come your way, happen in the world (talking about storms and things we have no control over, weather, money etc) but I will keep providing.  The lost will hurt but my children will survive. 

Be prepared for distractions but be ready for God to take care of all things.  People are being led back to happiness and intimacy with God.  People are looking for healing, asking for healing and are going to have experiences like never before in God.  God’s power is going to be displayed!

The Scripture that was close to what God said to me in my dream was related to Psalms 1:6  For the Lord watches over all the plans and paths of godly men, but the paths of the godless lead to doom. 

God sees you for who you are and you shouldn’t worry about what others think, He uses you and makes you into what others will see what He wants them to see.  Getting into intimacy with Him brings others to you for healing.  Distractions will occur, but push them aside.  The world is changing, many things will happen beyond our control but God will be with you and He will continue to provide for all things.  The dream of presence, power and glory is an encouragement to all that live for Him.glory-cloudTime is a key factor also.  Watches have been a key factor in my dreams which could mean timing, or to “watch”.  Treasures also have been a big part of my dreams.  I have been searching for hidden treasures, finding things that which are hidden.  Most of the things are fun to find but with no significant value and they are old things such as antiques.  I am delighted to find these antiques yet I leave them behind.  We all should continue to search for the hidden things of God, and yes He has many treasures hidden.  It is to our delight to find these nuggets.  However, the things that resemble the past whether if we are fond of them or not has little value and we should move on to greater things.  If we spend all of our time on looking at past treasures, we can never reach into the new things of power, presence and glory.  There are levels of anointing which causes the reality of Scripture to change from the way we held them as treasures to seeing them into a new paradigm thus creating new treasures.  Truth builds upon truth and will never destruct the foundation.   Many levels of truth bring revelation.  Revelation is not suppose to make us smarter into theology but to empower us through the spirit.  Revelation comes when you find the place of presence, power, and glory. 


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