Abundant life

House of Love

All this week I have been talking about love.  I wrote about the three types of love, God’s Love, Sacrificial Love so today I want to talk about love in the form of a house.  What kind of house do you live in?  A shack or a mansion.  

images-13When we look at a home in reference to love, is your house kept or untidy.  A new house is like a young couple just married type of love, it’s fresh, clean and beautiful.  However, as time passes there is always upkeep and some time down into the future, remodeling occurs.  The unexpected can also occur and can throw everyone in the household off track.  We all must adjust to the circumstances to our environment.  When a leak occurs, the shingles blow off or the pipes burst, we don’t just pack up and move out.  We fix it!  This all is a learning experience and it’s called, memories. We can’t change the past but we can control our future.   Looking for another house is ridiculous because a house is a house and it too has upkeep just like the rest.  In relationships, it takes upkeep and work.  Love doesn’t mean you give up or move on to someone else, it means upkeep and from time to time remodeling or fixing.  Making memories always consist of the good and the bad.

 Each room in our home has a purpose.  The kitchen is for eating.  Have you been nourishing your love with the right kinds of attitude?  We don’t want to try to survive on junk food.  We must take care of our love and be healthy.  Love can turn very sour and become sick if we feed it with junk.  The Word of God brings life to our love and if neglected, love dwindles to the factor of malnutrition.  Many people are starving for the kitchen experience.  The Word of God is not just for knowledge but also to experience.  Would you like to go to the dining table covered by a banquet of food or instead go to the pantry and eat chips?  What food does your house of love kitchen have?images-22

The living room, family room or den is a form of friendship love. To love is to connect, to spend quality time and to relate to one another.  This room is also well worth visiting and spending time in because it develops into other forms of intimacy.  If you never go into this room, you will find your love lacking in things you can do together to form a love bond or find it hard connecting with each other.

What about the bathroom?  Have you taken time to clean and rid yourself of un-forgiveness, bitterness or unhappiness?  Taking a trip to the bathroom can rid our love of toxins and dirt we have obtained throughout the day.  We must shower ourselves with prayer, robe with humility and come out smelling like a rose.  Change your respective on reality with repentance.  Look into the mirror and see what God sees from His perspective. As you learn to see differently you will have the power to walk differently.



We don’t want to leave out the bedroom, a time for resting and intimacy.  Have you rested in God’s arms lately?  Have you taken time to talk with Him, be with Him, and love Him?  Are you trying to do everything without leaning on the Almighty for strength?  Love cannot grow without God being in the center of it.  True love cannot be manifested without intimacy.  We cannot live on our own nor can we find intimacy without a relationship.  Bedroom time is not just for selfish purposes because feeding the flesh will not last or make a relationship last.  Bedroom time is more than surface intimacy but a deeper connection in which we all should strive for.  

Our house is just a house until we make it a home.  A home is made with love.  Love is in each room, a treasure to be found, an experience awaits.  Does your house of love need fixing, remodeling or is it a dream home manifesting love and happiness?    I don’t know about you but I want to live in a house of love.





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