Abundant life

Sacrificial Love

2411376041_defe6abb04Sacrifice is to give up something valued.  It is to let go or surrender to something else.  To sacrifice is ultimately to love.  Jesus command was:  “Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” His love was further evidenced when He said from the cross as He was dying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
 Jesus proved love by sacrifice.  He valued us over His own life.  He gave up life so we may have life. Sacrificial love is self-sacrifice with the pure motivation to alleviate the suffering of others. This supreme love is suffering love.

Sacrificial love, that’s the kind where you love, even though it hurts. It’s a trust. It’s a hope that the other person would love you back. It’s that level where if they don’t, it hurts. This is not the human need for love and acceptance. This is the passion driven for love because you loved first.  My husband has always said, “Those who love the most, cares the least in trying to get their own way in a heated discussion.”  Not a lot of people show sacrificial love.  They may say they do but when it comes down to hurting they want out and they want the other person to hurt as much or more than they do.  It is natures way to self preserve.  What is sacrificial love?  It’s the love where you give everything. Everything that you can possibly give. Your heart, dreams, devotion, passion, your entire life to the cause. You show sacrificial love in hope that that person might love you back because you loved them with everything in you from the very beginning.  Sacrificial love causes the person to love unconditionally.  It’s that unconditional love. This type of love is never about yourself. It’s always about the other person. The one giving the love determines what kind of love is shown.

God loves us so much. With a love that is so deep . This love is so big that people devote their lives so that others can have it too.  With unconditional love, you can be you. He has this burning desire for you to love Him back. He gave everything.  Are you willing to give everything back to Him?  When you reach this point of decision to love sacrificially as Jesus did, you experience an overflow of His spirit and truth.  This brings freedom to your soul.  In this freedom we get challenged to love like Jesus loved. This love is to big to keep for our selves. Love like crazy. It’s not about you. Love with sacrificial love. It means that you are willing to give everything even when it hurts. You will do anything to get others in this love and this freedom. It’s beyond giving and not expecting anything back. It’s a passion. Compassion. It’s a burden for someone else. Find passion to get people into the truth and to know true love through Jesus Christ.

Start loving outside yourself. Go the extra mile. Love others with the love of God. By showing this unconditional sacrificial love might be the closest people will ever come to true love.  Look over others faults even when they hurt you, forgive them, pray for them.  Understand the urgency. Jesus died for us. He has proved his sacrificial love for us over and over again. And He chose us, to share that kind of love. Show others the kind of love that you are receiving from God right now.  Show sacrificial love today and be blessed!


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