Abundant life, Love and Life of a Testimony

What Love Is Not

images-12What does the relationships that ends in heartache teach us? It usually teaches us a love is not what it is cracked up to be and that we put too much emphasis on the word, “LOVE”.  We view it as an emotion that comes and goes like the wind.  We walk away feeling that love is impatient and unkind, it brings jealousy or envy, it is boastful or proud, haughty and selfish or rude.  It demands its own way.  It makes us irritable or touchy.  It holds grudges and will always notices when others do wrong.  It is never glad about justice, but rejoices whenever lies wins out.  If you love someone you will be unfaithful to them no matter what the cost.  You will not always believe in them, nor expect the best, and always stand your ground in belittling and judging them.  Love doesn’t last forever, so find someone else to love.

So you see how our definition of love is unhealthy from all the past experiences dealing with being in love.  However all the above encompasses what love is NOT.  It is no wonder why people struggle with relationships and the meaning of love.  When I watch my young sons date someone over a period of time, it is so sweet to see how they react to situations that may cause a discussion.  I watch them experience the stages of love and I have also watched them depart from a heartbreaking relationship.  The heartbreaking relationships are scars upon their heart and have ended because true love in giving to one another was not the main factor.  True love will remain and will last.  True love, how do we capture this treasured jewel?

My husband is the first to testify he didn’t know what true love was until Jesus Christ came into our lives.  How could anyone know what true love is unless they know the author of love and have a relationship with Him?  The Word of God tells us that God is Love.  So without God in your life, a person doesn’t know what this agape love is.  True love starts in the heart, not the eyes.  Most people will quote the Corinthians Scripture as part of their wedding vows; yet still will not follow it with example as the years of struggle follow.  Simply put it, people will not know how to love without God in the middle of their lives.  Selfishness will take over.  Human spirit will rule.  If God brought love into the world it is foolish for us to think we can live in love without God.  As we approach Valentines Day this week, ponder on the word, “LOVE” and what it means to you.  Keep in mind, to find true love in any relationship, God must be in the middle of the relationship or it will not last and you will find yourself experiencing what love is not.



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