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I Had A Weird Dream

images-3What does a flood and a boat, electricity lines falling down and electrocuting people, a church service with special dancing, which turns out to be a wedding and eating gorilla hands and fingers have in common?  I also saw all the cut off gorilla hands crawling on the ground, looking for their fingers for they had been severed at the wrist, yet they were still alive.  Dreams.  I am a dreamer.  I believe the kerosene is still reeking in our house and making me have weird dreams, very weird dreams.  The night before, I dreamed of fighting a wasp nest, a large nest.  I would spray them with a chemical and they would die.  I researched wasp, and it means a higher demonic power.  I am glad that I was killing them off while boarding a train. 

Research tells us that God speaks to us in our dreams.  Many people dream but never remember.  It is also good to keep a dream journal to look back on the play of words in your dream.  If you could remember if your dream is in color, that is good and from God.  If it is in black and white, then it is not from God but from the oppressor.  This past summer, when conducting a weekly bible study, one of the ladies attending dreamed she was Sharon Stone.  Little did she realize the next bible study lesson was about ‘sharing a stone’.  God really does have a sense of humor and He really does want us to find the treasure and search out a meaning.  

So here is what I got:  

Jeff was trying to drive my car with me in it, over a bridge, flood waters over the bridge with a large yacht next to us…If a flood blocks your path while driving a car, an emotional hurdle is indicated, that you must cross to reach your goal ….To dream of electricity, symbolizes vigor and life energy. You need to be revitalized. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to conserve your energy.  To dream that the electricity is out, indicates your lack of insight and perspective on a situation. To see live electrical wire, foretells that enemies will disturb your plan.  In my dream, the wire snapped and wrapped around Jeff which made him fall down, then the wire came after me as I crossed the road.  

The dream then went to a church service in which we were suppose to be inside a large building yet it was also outside.  Jeff was going to preach for about 20 minutes but first our dance team celebrated in a dance.  images-5Right after the dance, the wedding took place.  The Bride and Groom in which I didn’t know served a platter  of these fried gorilla hands.  He went on to tell us how the hands were running around looking for their fingers without any bodies.  And, I could see this documentary unfolding before my eyes.  Strange yes?  Throughout our travels, I have always tried different foods but oddly enough I was hesitant on trying to eat these deep fried delicacy.  Hands means to expect big work ahead, meanwhile must take better care.  To dream that you are eating with others, signifies harmony, intimacy, merriness, prosperous undertakings, personal gain, and/or joyous spirits. To dream that you are attending or going to a dance, indicates a celebration and your attempts to achieve happiness.

So there you have it!  Do you have an interpretation of this dream, if you do, please leave me a comment.  I am looking forward to hear from you and in the mean time, I will look forward to the dreams I may have tonight, hopefully it will be restful and not so strange.


1 thought on “I Had A Weird Dream”

  1. Um, Melissa you may want to get your house checked for carbon monoxide. lol I think being without power and not having control of it caused alot of stress on top of the kerosene fumes. I also had some weird dreams but don’t remember them. Just remember waking up thinking..what in the world is going on. I actually think the power outage was a good thing. Hopefully, it reminded people of how spoiled we really are and to be thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with. You never know when he will take it away. God Bless ..see you today at Good Shephard.


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