Abundant life

More, More, More!

images-1God has more for you to do.  Who me?  Yes you.  Once there was a man of little stature, thin-haired upon the head, crooked in the legs, of good state of body, with eyebrows joining, and nose somewhat hooked.  He was traveling into a nearby town, working as usual, doing all the right things he knew to do when a tragedy occurred.  His friends helped him to the next town.  He went to the preacher and was prayed for.  Within one hour he was healed.  His name was changed, his job was changed and he had a whole new perspective on life.  His attitude was now changed to grace.  It wasn’t that he was a bad person or immoral before, he just did what he was suppose to do.   It wasn’t that God was trying to make him change, it was about God wanting him to do more, and the only way to get his attention was through a tragedy.  The man continued to give God more and more.  You know this man in the Bible as Paul.  Paul comes over as a man of passion, full of passion for his mission and his beliefs. At the same time he displays an underlying negativity, doubts as to his fitness for the task, and even guilt and shame at his own weakness.  Paul wrote most of the New Testament and if He hadn’t had the desire to do more , God would have chose someone else. There is always more for us to do.

There was another man, a religious father who taught his family to love and obey God.  He gave to the poor and prayed daily.   However, there was more for him to do.  God appeared to him in a vision to go to a nearby town and search for a particular person who would tell him what he should do.  Now if you don’t know the story, he found much more than just a man and was changed forever.  In fact, he was the first to receive the adoption relationship and proved to all how all of us can receive the Holy Spirit plus he was responsible for changing a nation. It paved the way for salvation being available to all who would believe and not just to Jews.   Once he received, he and all that were with him got baptized.  Not only did he receive revelation but also carried it out to move forward to affect others.  His name was Cornelius.  While the conversion which the gospel produces may, in some ways, produce instant changes, other changes come harder and over a longer period of time.  However we must be willing to do more.

images-2“More than I am doing right now?”  Yes.  “How can I?” you may ask yourself.  We all live in a fast paced world, fulfilling the roles of parenthood, jobs, and daily tasks.  Where in the world would we fit in another time slot to do more for God?  If you are like me, I have no other time slot.  Just writing this blog, I put myself into at least two hours of study every morning.  I enjoy that time, alone with my coffee and with God.  Want to know the answer?  You find time to do more for God with Him on your mind, thinking of Him and looking for divine appointments to manifest His love.  It doesn’t matter if you are a stay home mom, dad, on the job site or out to eat.  You can display the love of Christ with going beyond your limitations in what you think you ought to do.  Most of us think we ought to do something big or add something else to our schedule to the point it is so overwhelming in thought, we decide to put it off and it eventually leaves our mind. The end result is we don’t do it at all, thus feeling of failure consumes our mind.  We then repent of this cycle and cry out to God, “I want more of you”!  God always has more for us.  More blessings, more provisions, more gifts, more love, more peace, more joy, more, more, more!  Think upon Him, thank Him and ask Him for an opportunity today to do more for Him.  

I John 3:21-22    Friends, if our consciences are clear, we can come to the Lord with perfect assurance and trust and get whatever we ask for because we are obeying him and doing the things that please him.                                                                                                                                                       




















































































































































































































































































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