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Looking For Expectancy or Expectation

Expectancy is alive, enjoying the moment, an anticipation of something happening, waiting and confidently believing in something.  Expectation is different when it enforces rules.   When you have high expectation of someone you may get disappointed when they don’t meet your expectations.  Expectations although can be hopeful, they also go unmet.  We may wait for, imagine or hope for in believing in a probability, however when we expect from another it can become a demand as a right or duty.  This is the difference in expectancy and expectations.

imagesIn marriage, our expectation of our spouse could be high.  According on our viewpoint or how we were raised, our expectation can be very demanding on our spouse.  I have seen many marriages fight because of unmet expectations they demand from one another.  We automatically think the behavior from our spouse will conform to our thoughts without any communication.  Yes, we all wish our spouse was mind readers at times. If our mama always took out the trash, then it is expected of the wife, by the husband just because it was expected in the household he was brought up.  When in the wife’s household she grew up in, the dad always took care of the trash.  This is so small yet so good of the example.  It is not a right or wrong dilemma, just an argument waiting to happen because of the expectation of people.  Expectations are handed down too.  It is important to know the difference between expectancy and this type of expectation.  I can have expectancy for my future to be bright and I can hope for the probability, however if I demand or enforce rules upon someone else, I will be hurt in the process and my faith will be limited.  We should not be choosing other people to determine our destiny but instead of take control of expectations.  We must remember, marriage is a relationship, not an institution enforcing rules or demands of the other party.

Let us look at God.  We do have a high expectancy or hope for our future as we walk into the newness of His presence on a daily basis.  However, we should not look to God as expectation to meet our every want, prayer or circumstance.  We walk with Him as an expectancy in a relationship to blossom not in a way where we or He places demands to be disappointed when the demands go unmet.  The key to all of this madness again is communication.  It is forming a relationship in where we an talk with one another in letting the other party know how we feel or what we want.  It is not being the abuser, forcing the other to cooperate because of selfishness or how we were “brought up”.

We can all prepare for the worst, or we can have expectancy for the best, it is us who chooses.  Stop expecting someone else to make you happy by putting expectations on a person and then being disappointed.  Choose however to have an expectancy in God developing your character and then you will not be upset but happy with the end results.  Choose expectancy or expectation!

Philippians 1:20 For I live in eager expectation and hope that I will never do anything that will cause me to be ashamed of myself but that I will always be ready to speak out boldly for Christ while I am going through all these trials here…


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