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Reaching To Love

praise1Mark 12:29-31  Jesus replied, The one that says, Hear, O Israel!  The Lord our God is the one and only God.  And you must love him with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.  The second is, You must love others as much as yourself.  No other commandments are greater than these.  The second is You must love others as much as yourself and there are no other commandments greater than these.

In our observance, says Jesus, we must exert every fibre of our being.  It is not as if you know how to love; it is that if you love God who is love, the love of God will live and you, and whatever you do will be done for the love of God. When you love your neighbor as you love yourself, the love of God is in your heart. When that love reigns in you, you don’t do things anymore for yourself but for the love of God.  We are to love all that is deepest within us. With our intelligence, as well as our emotions. We are asked to put everything we have, everything we are, into our relationship with God. And the word translated as “love” here is not just ordinary friendship love; it is not sexual love, the love that springs from desire and seeks self-gratification; it is self-giving love, love which springs from devotion to the other person, and which draws not only on easy emotions, but on the will of the person who loves. This is the love that God gives . This is the love that Jesus challenges us to give to God in return.

You love God with your HEART by loving Him will all of your emotions.  As a human being, created in His Image, we can be emotional people.  We are free to express the emotions God has put in us.  It means: The seat in the center of man’s inward life—the place of human depravity or the sphere of divine influence.  His Love can only blossom through study and obedience of written Word of God, and, by obedience-to and fellowship-with the Word of God Himself. Our growth in God happens no other way. This in turn is our part in serving God with this new life that He has placed within us: To “love the Lord our God with all….” 

This love from God will create in your heart to flow divine love that will touch the hearts of all those around you. You will love your family as never before, because your merciful love will be truly genuine, not just the love of the flesh. You will learn to love with God’s heart and emotions, and you will love everyone with compassion and tenderness. All this you will do because you will attain the perfection of God’s love.  His emotions, attitudes and will.  The feelings of a person’s make-up will get out of control without a direct use of the will. Many stay in anger, bitterness, resentment, self-pity, hatred, fear, being covetous and such like because instead of loving God “with ALL their soul,” they have aligned their soul against God.

 Scripture teaches us that our love must include our mind. Loving God “with all our mind” means: That EVERYTHING we put in or allow in our minds is right, true and moral. That we align our conclusions and decisions based upon the commandments of God and the written Word of God in all situations. The soul and heart are necessary in our relationship to God, while most accept it is hard to grasp of using the mind.  So what does it mean to love God with your mind? It involves the pursuit of knowing God to the fullest with the warmest affection and understanding.  Following in the most wise and reasonable manner,  your understanding guides your will and affections.  Loving God with our minds leads to an abundant and Christ centered life.  The mind is used to recall our sin against God. This recall bring us to contrition and weeping sorrow before the Lord, then when we confess that sin it is forgiven. It is a means to bring us to the place where we can have cleansing from sin in the blood of Jesus Christ.  We are given the purpose of the use of our mind is to serve others and glorify God.

We are to love with all strength, the most vigorous efforts of your will, loving God “with all your strength” speaks of the “ultimate expression” of our heart, soul and mind being released together through our bodily functions. It is the outward sight, speech and physical actions. 

The true Christian has the law of love written in his heart. The Spirit of Christ dwells in him; Christ’s image is renewed in his soul.  God does not want us to love Him with just “parts” of our being, but rather, will ALL our being—every single moment of every single day. His great commandment for us “to love,” is a display of His own agape love to us in order that we will not be corrupted, nor will we corrupt others.  

hand_reaching_outGod is reaching for you to Love.


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