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Got Milk

ih017032I Peter 2:1-3  Lay aside of all feelings of hatred.  Don’t just pretend to be good.  Be done with dishonesty and jealously and talking about others.  Put away all evil, deception, envy and fraud.  Grow up into the fullness of your salvation.  As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow.

I just started teaching a parenting class at church.  Some of the techniques we have learned has been very helpful to most of the parents.  I would have loved to have all these parent tapes when the boys were little.  My twenties were a blur because from age twenty one to twenty eight, I had four boys in that seven year period.  It seemed like I was barefoot and pregnant all the time but loved almost every minute of it that I do remember.  I would have had more children if Jeff had agreed, I think I was in “mommy mode” and wasn’t thinking straight at the time.  My great-grandmother had fifteen children and my grandmother had eight.  I love babies and children.  They are such a blessing, and the things they do can bring so many rewards yet also heartaches as they grow and get a mind of their own.

ALL babies when hungry want milk, not a pacifier, but real milk that brings nutrition to their growing body.  A pacifier may work for awhile but soon will keep on screaming until they are satisfied.  God instructs us to desire the milk of the word.  We should search out the deeper meaning of things and not continue to nurse on imitations or substitutes which leaves us starving for more.  If you have children you may know babies rely on us to feed them along with other things to survive.  Do you remember trying to get your baby on a feeding schedule?  I don’t know who in the world invented such a thing but it never worked for me.  Two hours, three or four, I fed them when they were hungry and if they were asleep, I didn’t wake them to eat.  Now, I also made the mistake of over feeding them which usually resulted in projectile formula everywhere.  The one mistake I also made with Lyle is I gave him four ounces of concentrated formula, in which I was suppose to add water too.  Once I realized this, feeling really stupid I called the pediatrician and he informed me that it was like eating a large bowl of oats.  Of course Lyle didn’t eat again for eight hours!

One thing with newborn babies, you don’t feed them solid foods.  There is a time to wait as their bodies mature.  If we are to desire the pure word like babies do milk, shouldn’t we cry out for more?  Christians find it hard to pict up their Bibles on Wednesday and Sunday much less during the week.  People are like babies, starving to be fed, yet most people have the bottle sitting right in their home.  We tend to use church services as a feeding schedule.   As a child grows, he graduates himself into eating solid foods, yet most will continue to drink milk all of their lives.  As Christians, we start out on the milk and then we progress to the meat of the word.  We can either stay on the milk and try to get satisfied as we continue to grow or we can add more of His word and be all that God wants us to be.  We can grow into a more abundant life, effective and productive for His Kingdom.

Do you find yourself starving spiritually?  Don’t sit around and wait for someone to feed you the bottle.  You have the complete nutrition of God’s Word.  You don’t have to wait for a feeding schedule or nurse on a pacifier.  Pick up your Bible and read daily for it will satisfy what you are craving.  Got milk?


1 thought on “Got Milk”

  1. Enjoyed your blog this morning.. It was so great and so true. I find myself there. Sometimes you don’t understand why but, when you can read something like that it all starts to make sense and come together. You got a wonderful thing going on there. Your gonna touch so many out there who never have a clue. God bless.. Love ya Sister.


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