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Ugly Betty

ugly_betty_161206Ugly Betty, a television show about a young woman in the fashion industry that knows nothing about fashion.  She is nerdy, wears clothes that are not at all in style, with glasses and braces and a hair style from the seventies she is far from pretty on the outside.  However, her wit, personality, charm and intelligence win people over.  We all have Ugly Bettys in our life, don’t we?  It is usually one of those family members you see on holidays that continue to embarrass you with their attire.  However, once you get to know them, their true beauty on the inside, you can’t help falling in love with their personality.  I have seen the most beautiful people on the outside be Ugly Betty on the inside, and I mean so ugly that you don’t want to get around them.  Maybe you see yourself as a Betty.  “I don’t like my nose, hair, teeth, body shape, legs, skin, too short, too tall and the list goes on.  As woman there are times we see ourselves as Ugly Betty.  What about Betty?  Does she see herself ugly?  Not at all.  She sees herself at the self-confident woman on the inside that she is.  She has an agenda and a goal, faced with problems and messes she gets herself into to, her focus still pursues to be excellent and successful in everything.   

How does God see us?  As a photographer, I get some pretty strange looking kids from all the surrounding counties. As they walk up to my house for their big Senior picture day, I smile and look forward to finding out who they really are.  Throughout the photo session, I look in their eyes and see beauty shine forth.  Gothic style, purple hair, chains and tattoo, or sword collection, doesn’t even phase me now.  Many people would be hesitant to even approach someone who was just trying to express themselves and find their identity or where they fit in.  God doesn’t look at us as Ugly Bettys.  He sees us as part of His Creation.  He smiles on us because as the Creator, He is proud of what He has created.  We are all unique individuals and none of us are ugly in His eyes.  People might behave in an ugly way, but God still sees them beautiful in His sight.

I challenge all of us to see people as God sees them.  Don’t look on the outside, but look on the inside.  Look at people as a living miracle in what they will become not who they use to be or what mistakes they have made.  Look at His creation with compassion.  Remove the Ugly Betty scales from your judgemental atttitude.  God creates everything beautiful, sometimes we must take time to look for it in people on the inside.  Stop being Ugly Betty and be the beautiful you which God created.    

    Genesis 1:31 And God looked over all that he had made, and it was excellent in every way. ugly-betty


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