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I Can’t See

healing_of_the_blind_man_jekelII Corinthians 5:7  We walk by faith and not by sight.  

Sometimes we are limited by our senses and we don’t grow spiritually because our faith doesn’t reach beyond our sight.  Real faith begins where our senses end.  When we can see something, we usually don’t feel the need to trust God for it.  Some may say they have the gift of faith or much faith in God but have a meltdown when circumstances are bleak.  Faith kicks in by knowing God will make a way in His timing.  It is fully trusting in God to work out all the details.  However, this doesn’t mean we don’t work on our part with wisdom concerning the circumstances.  Living by sight keeps us living small in the real world.   Faith establishes what we believe about God.  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Little Word, little faith.  Too many of us act like we have more confidence in ourselves or man than we do in God.  If faith is the action by which we lay hold of the power and promises of God, then if our faith is lacking we won’t see the supernatural work of God in our lives and we’ll live in the natural with all its limitations.  

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “What in the world am I going to do now”?  Have you fretted lately over situations resulting from family, job, children, sickness, etc. issues?  Just close your eyes, be blind to your ways and ask the Heavenly Father to guide and to help you.

Can we be like the blind man and say, “I can’t see”,  because it is then, when we fully trust in God to do the supernatural and work in all the circumstances in life.  It is going beyond all human abilities.  It is when Jesus reaches down to touch us, we will find true peace, free from worry and doubt and know with assurance who we are and what God can do.  Be blind for awhile so your faith will increase as you trust in your Savior.

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