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God Encounter

2958285900_56608c87acWhat is a God encounter you may ask.  Is it when you have reached the end of your rope and you have no where else to turn?  Is it driving down the road and listening to praise and worship music when suddenly you feel His presence sweep into your car?  Is it when you are sitting on a pew, your heart is beating fast and you feel the tug of His Spirit to go and pray, repent or just move out of your comfort zone?  Could it be in minutes or hours of travailing prayer?  What about when you surrender your tongue and speak in an unknown language as God baptizes you with His Holy Spirit?  

A God encounter can come in a dream, a vision or through worship.  When Saul had his first God encounter, he was on the road to Damascus going about his business to persecute the Christians.  His encounter happened at work so to speak.  His encounter was a wake up call.  Not only did he hear God’s voice loud and clear, he was struck blind for three days.  God encounters are all through the Bible.  God speaks, we listen, we obey, love is born.  Obedience, humbleness and forsaking the fear of the unknown brings down walls we have created in order to let God have complete control of our mind and body, ultimately our soul.

All of our soul craves the God Encounter, some never want to look for it or expect it because of personal fears of others or spiritual ignorance.  God encounters will change us.  It changes our attitude, our relationship with Jesus, our lifestyle and it affects those who are around us.  

My first realization God was with me came when I was a child, walking through the woods.  Feeling the wind on my face, looking at His creation, listening to God’s voice and feeling His love.   All through my teen years, God’s voice rang in my ears, I knew He was there watching me, with me and protecting me.  He wasn’t always pleased with my actions but He never left me.

God encounters continue to manifest as I approached God with all of me.  Through dreams, spiritual warfare and other manifestations His presence will leave you breathless.  God encounters come sometimes when your least expect it but also when you pursue Him.  Run after Him and leap into His glory.  Like a drug addict with a feeling of total euphoria craving for more, the God encounter leaves you thirsty, desiring and yearning for more.

Many times,  I cannot even describe or explain the experiences I have with God.  It is like floating above all circumstances in my life here on earth. The experiences have led me to what I call, GodSpeaks.  Many times God has a message for me or for others through the inspirational experience.  This is what God said:
My Spirit is cool and refreshing. When I touch people to be healed they must breath my Spirit in. I long to heal those who ask. As the wind blows upon you, you can’t see it but it touches and moves all around you, you feel it and breath it. Face the wind, embrace it, breath it! It is just that easy to be healed. Visualize my Spirit of healing blowing upon your skin, tossing your hair, swirling around your feet. I move throughout your body, breath in my peace. I make you whole, complete, restored. When you face the wind, you face the Creator. Teach people about my wind. The new wind I am giving you. The wind flows from your hands, from your mouth. My wind is powerful! It moves the clouds, the trees, the grass. It is a mighty force to move mountains and root up many things that has been there for years. Nothing can contain the wind! It is a new wind and it is blowing your way – Abundantly! The wind in you has been dormant but today it is released, the beauty will quickly shine for the season, prepare yourself!

I pray you start looking for this experience.  He is here, waiting for you to surrender into His Spirit.  Let Him carry you to a place where you will never be the same.  A place where your soul is free and you soar with Him, a God encounter awaits!


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