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It’s My Money and I want it NOW!

“It’s my money and I want it NOW!  I hate that commercial.  If you haven’t seen it, count yourself blessed because it is very troubling.  The concept is there is money to be taken and you can get it by force with a help of a lawyer that is.  Ridiculous. Nothing is never ours.  It all belongs to God.

Cost of Caitlin’s surgery – $4100images3

Cost of Spencer’s wisdom teeth extraction – $850

Cost of groceries this week – $250

Cost to fill tank up – $40

Cost of Parenting DVD to teach with – $24

Relationship with Jesus – Priceless

Money is a big part in our world.  We all need it.  Jeff and I was watching a documentary about people who win the lottery.  The statistics show that within five or less years, they will be broke again.  Proof of if you didn’t earn money the old fashioned way, that is by working, you don’t appreciate it enough to use it as an investment.  Taken for granted it was tossed into the wind and before they even knew it, their family was torn apart, the world had taken a hold of their life.  It ends in being broke in more ways than one.  Sad but true.  

Money is a big part of our lives.  It takes money to live.  God thinks money is important because He mentioned it in the Bible over 800 times.  God must be pretty serious about this subject to talk about it that much.  In fact, Jesus says in Luke 16:11, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?”  It appears from this verse that God uses money as a test of our management and stewardship skills before entrusting us with spiritual things.  It takes time and yes we do get ourselves into trouble sometime with debt.  The problem most of us have is we spend more than what we earn or we count our chickens before the eggs are hatched.  We must learn stewardship. Stewardship is not just with money though.  Stewardship is being a property manager.  We are the one who is in charge or the administrator to take care of the Master’s goods.  We are responsible for managing the possessions God has placed in our trust.  How well do you manage?  

When Jeff and I first married, within two years of our marriage we were faced with the crossroads of our life.  Pre-Jesus, due to circumstances in which brought us to God, we lost everything we had.  We were brought to our knees and come to the understanding that without God in our lives we had nothing.  We lost our big home with a pool on Country Club, our new sports car and the family income all within two months.  Welfare was a very humbling experience.  However has we kept pursuing God, relying on His Word we learned stewardship.  God always provided even when we had gotten ourselves into the mess.  It was a deep hole to come out of but we made it.  I remember asking Jeff several babies later, “Can we get a bigger house”?  A two bedroom 900 square foot home with only two closets for a family of six was very tight.  I just wanted a bigger home.  Jeff would always tell me, “If you take care of what you have, God will give you more.”  He reminded me of this when my home was messy, or our car was messy.  Stewardship means we must take care of the goods as if it was the prize possession and we were never going to get another opportunity for a greater reward.  When I learned this concept, take care of what you have, my possessions became a greater value, then God blessed and trusted us with more.

Colossians tells us for by Him were all things created…ALL things were created by Him and for Him.  Psalms 24 tells us the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  It is required by stewards that a man be found faithful.  A faithful steward practices the presence of God in the sense that he handles with acute awareness of the value of the things God has place in his care and under his management.  If you find yourself with less and needing more, take care of what you have so God can trust you with more.  This is true not only in the material goods but also in the spiritual.  My husband always says, the natural and spiritual world coincides with us personally.  So when my closest is messy and unorganized, I check myself spiritually.  You can always tell when people live in chaos or have found themselves in deep mud, their spiritual life is hurting also.  Stewardship is a learned and disciplined lifestyle, not with money but all things.  Take care of what you have and God will give you more, but first pray for wisdom!  This leads me to one of my favorite Scriptures….

First seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL things will be given to you as well.  Matthew 6:33


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