To Be Humble


Do you know of someone who is constantly bragging on themselves.  I wonder if it is a phase to catch attention or approval from others?  Could it be just to make conversation?  I am always cautious about people running up to me and being the first to say, “I did this, and that”.  A bragging sort of way is totally different than self confidence.  The motive behind the force is the greatest issue.  I have seen many people be braggers but not servers or hard workers.  It is easy for someone to do something then stand up and brag about what they have done to promote glory to themselves.  It is much harder to stand and not speak at all until you have learned to discipline yourself in this fleshly manner.  

Humble  means to be modest, meek, self-effacing, less important or reserved and submissive.  

Luke 14:11  For everyone who tries to honor himself shall be humbled; and he who humbles himself shall be honored.

James 4:6 God gives strength to the humble, but sets himself against the proud and haughty.

I Peter 5:5 God gives grace to the humble.

There are several promises God makes to the humble. IF we are humble God pours out strength and grace upon us.  We will be honored.  However if we do not show humility, then pride will only bring down destruction.   Sometimes people think they have all the answers to a particular subject or think they are so important in status or role.  When a person is humbled, the motive and focus is not on themselves but upon others and God.  It will be not what “I” or “me” but what God has done.  It will be focused on helping others.  It is all about others. It is promoting His Kingdom.

Have you ever thought you were somebody?  Do you have a position in your church or on your work site in which you think you deserved to be there?  If you think this then you could be dealing with pride.  Keep in mind this is different than self-confidence.  Self-confidence is having the ability and knowledge to accomplish the job or task, however thinking you deserve or thinking no one else could have position or do it better than you, is pride.  Pride will set you up for the fall.  A fall always comes after pride.  God has a way to humble people.

So if you find yourself being proud as a peacock for what YOU think you have accomplished or if you find yourself not having grace or strength for the task, then ask yourself, “Is God trying to humble me?”.

 “IF my people who are called by my name will HUMBLE themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  II Chronicles 7:6


Redirect Praise :  Instead of taking all the credit, redirect praise in those who has helped you. Be Thankful:  Thank others for how they have helped you.  You Don’t Always Have To Be Right:  A humble person never tries to out do someone else and make themselves look better or smarter. This includes having to be right. When you try to prove you are right, or even when you say something simple like “I know”, you are showing dominance over the other person. It Wasn’t You Who Got You Here:  People are constantly striving for success and they often feel very proud of themselves for getting to where they are at. Humble people are not proud and know that they didn’t get themselves here.  Don’t Be First:  First is not necessarily a bad thing, however being first can come across as competitive, self promoting or demoting of others. None of those things are common for a humble person. In a group or workplace, if you don’t be first to speak, participate or get involved, you give others a chance to be first.  Appreciate Everything:  Appreciate the place you live, the health, wealth and happiness you experience or have opportunity for.  Listen More Than You Speak :Similar to the item above, “Don’t Be First” it applies to listening in a more broad sense. Listening more than you speak can be very powerful and if you use this you can learn many things about others and practice humility in how you respond. It gives you time to think and provides time for others to share their own opinions. Listening more can be very respectful to others, and you can learn a lot more by listening to others than you can by speaking.  Don’t Judge Others: Judgment is a dangerous thing and you can’t stay open minded, receptive to ideas, empathetic or appreciative of others if you are judging them or their ideas. Everyone is different and have different ideas and when you judge those, you are really showing that you have some overseeing significance or power to make a judgment call, which you certainly don’t if you want to be a humble person. 


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