Encouragement, Love and Life of a Testimony

Let Us Pass Over

sea of galileeAs I walked along the shores at the Sea of Galilee, I pictured Jesus feeding multitude and getting in the boat to cross over.  The Sea of Galilee is a lake.  It is not a sea at all.  It is very large but not many waves.  However as our guide told us, when a storm approaches, because of the shape, levels and surrounding mountains, the storms can cause great turmoil upon fisherman in their boats.  Above is a picture I took of the shoreline. 

Mark 4:35 And when evening fell, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross over to the other side.” So they took him just as he was and started out leaving the crowds behind, though other boats followed.

We know the story too well.  Jesus always taught parables and gave illustrations to teach the people as much as they were ready to understand.  However afterwards when he was alone with his disciples, he would explain his meaning to them.  It had been a day of ministering and Jesus had grown tired.  He needed to sleep.  As Jesus instructed, they boarded the boat.  Jesus fell asleep.  A storm came to the point where they thought they were going to die.  They then ran to Jesus to wake Him.  He only had to speak  “Peace” and the storm ceased.  When they reached the other side, a demon possessed man ran out from the graveyard to be set free.

Sometimes we don’t understand what Jesus is trying to do in our lives.  We are like the crowd, trying to figure out the complexity of the stories we are tangled up with.  We can become tired and weary from all this logic thinking.  Our next step as a disciple is to get alone with Jesus.  We must develop an intimacy with Him in a way His disciples did.  Alone time.  Time where He can speak to us directly and explain His ways on a deeper level.  

As the disciples obeyed, they knew Jesus was right there with them, yet they became fearful.  Do you find yourself in the boat, storms all around you?  Have you ministered to others to a point where you are tired?  You took time to obey Jesus to go and get alone with Him, now there is a storm brewing.  What gets me is that why did the disciples wait so long to wake Him?  Why was Jesus the last resort?  Was Jesus testing their faith?  Do you feel like you are in the boat, yes Jesus is with you and your trying to wait out the storm?  Just run to Jesus.  With the spoken word, He calms those storms in your life.  Keep in mind, when you get to the other side you will experience a greater deliverance and freedom than you have ever experienced.  

Are you ready to pass over to the other side?  If you haven’t gotten in the boat now is the time to do so.  If you are in the boat, run to Jesus and stir up the power you have with you.  If you have reached the other side, watch God move in the miraclous.


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