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You Survive


2009 A new year filled with dreams and goals, new years resolutions and hopeful change.  God spoke this morning a word for someone.  This is what He wants you to know.  God speaks:

You have a purpose.  You thought that I did not care.  You thought you have been alone in a stormy sea, but you was never alone.  I protected you when you were in the deep with giant waves on each side of you as if they would destroy you with their fierce power.  As you tried to escape the reality of life, you swam away from me, floating, just wanting to get away from it all.   At times you thought you were going to drown as you swam through the rolling waves that tried to overtake you.   There was a giant wave on your left and one on your right, higher than the roof tops of giant skyscrapers.  You were trapped in between with a choice you had to make in a split second.  You see, I have protected you.  You had to get to the place of isolation for me to talk to you, for me to show you, for you to rely on me.  I have removed the carpet that was on your eyes, you now see.  You use to see in a different way, man’s way of life, but now I have shown you grace and mercy.  You bear the scars, scars you will see so you will be reminded of where I have brought you from on this journey.   You are not the same nor can you go back to the way it used to be.  I have chosen a new path for you.  I have rescued you from being swallowed up by the storm.  It is time.  Take what I have shown you, put in your hand what I have given you.  The tear in your heart has been sewn and mended.  The blood that was seeping from it was causing poison to leak throughout your body.  That poison has been stopped, the tear mended and recovery has started.  Time is important, I have given you this year to make your mark, to make a difference in the lives I have put in front of you.  You must get closer to me and let me work through you to touch others.  I have given an anointing and you know this.  As you read this, you know this word has been given for you.  You now know I was with you at all times, I know your past hurts, I know you have been saddened by life with trials and hurts.  That is no longer so put it behind you.  I am your true happiness, turn to me and you shall find what you are looking for.  Worship me to the fullest and I will give you your heart’s desire.  Be holy in mind and spirit.  Stay true to me and do not stray again.  I am watching and waiting to give you a more deepened relationship with intimacy that ever before.  Your heart beats now with anticipation, because you know I am speaking directly to you.  You are trying hard not to cry, but let the tears be a cleansing bath.  Now let me see you smile, the smile that I created on you and let me hold you in my arms once again.  







The waters of the deep have been silenced and peace has come.  Get ready for a new day, a new year, a new life!


2 thoughts on “You Survive”

  1. God only knows what we need and when we need it. Thank you for sending this article to me. I just asked God last night. I know He is an on time GOD.

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