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You’ve Got The Power


When my boys were young running around they would always make up something funny to tease each other about.  Jordan had the “secret power”.  Although I  won’t disclose to you what the power was, I am sure if you know boys at all you can imagine all the gross stuff that comes to mind.  Anyway, I was reflecting on the memories of the fun times of family.  When I thought of my title for today, it made me giggle.

Power, God has given us the power.  It was once secret until we decided one day to search out the hidden things of God.  Every morning I awake and speak “Good morning Jesus”.  As I go throughout my day, I speak and declare good things.  I have came to the understanding that you live with what you speak.  People frame their own world to live in.  Now if you are living in a decayed, lonely, bitter and unhappy world, it doesn’t take too long to figure out how you got there.  When there is total chaos going around, the enemy likes it but rarely had much to do with it, it is us, our flesh who creates our home life.  Some people live to be miserable or in fear.  Maybe it is the only way they know life itself.  I remember once Lyle had told us we as a family were not “normal”.  We laughed and said I would rather be normal like this than live like some do.  Normal, yes or traditional family life is becoming extinct.  Our world is changing, culture changes, and people change.  Muslims raise their children to take over the world.  Americans raise children to get what you want, live off government, marriage is not important, same sex marriages are ok and carnal living is the norm.  Isn’t it about time to change the world we live in?

God has always got answers for every chaotic situation.  Most of the time whether out of ignorance or refusing to change promotes the mess.  Proverbs 18:21 says: Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit.   What have you been eating lately?  If you have power from your very own mouth to frame your world, what are you waiting for?

Rise us my child and declare out loud to the winds of your home, your surroundings, your life and your future!  I declare my house be full of peace!  I declare and speak blessings (mental, physical, spiritual and financial ) upon my marriage, my children and for my family, friends, neighbors.  Thank God for favor!  When you go to church, declare joy, deliverance, salvation, anointing upon the service.  Speak forth restoration, healing and forgiveness in your life!   What have you been waiting for?  Change your circumstances in which you now live in for the better.  Shout it out, speak, declare and watch your world be framed.

You’ve got the power, use it.  It is in your mouth.


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