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True Sonship


Raising four sons with no girl around has been one of my greatest treasure as a mother.  Although I prayed for a girl each time I got pregnant, the Lord knew what He was doing.  My boys have grown to be wonderful young men.  The process however had many ups and downs through life.  At times, I wondered if I would have any hair left or be in right mind.  When they were young, if hurt or scared or needed comfort, mommy was the hero.  I could very well control them under twelve, however as time went on, their male hormones kicked into gear and they no longer wanted a female authority.  I accepted this as their mother and turned the reigns over to their dad.  It is a hard stepping stone but necessary for strong character to be instilled.  My ministry, and yes that is what it is being a mother, doesn’t end, just changes in role modeling.  That is where “Dad” stepped in.  Jeff was always a strong disciplinary figure with the boys.  He became their hero as they got older.  Although the boys sometimes want to argue with their dad, they are usually obedient to his word or decision.  They might not always agree, and yes sometimes they have rebelled, but in the end, the result is true sonship.

Matthew 21:28-32

Jesus gives us a true meaning of sonship.  In the parable with the two sons, a father tells both sons to go and work.  The first son says he will not go to work and the second says he will.  However, the first son repents and obeys,  yet the second son doesn’t go at all, even though he said he would.  The implication of this parable was that of obedience not mere profession proves true sonship.  The initial word of the first son seemed to deny sonship but later his actions demonstrated obedience.

The cheif priest and the elders were the ones professing sonship and righteousness, yet they refused to repent as John the Baptist was instructing.  Whether fear from losing control, leadership, position, authority or statis, they refused to be obedient.  Jesus tells them that the sinners would enter into heaven before they do, why?  Because of a repentful heart and obedience.

In verse 32, Jesus tells us by not repenting it will hurt our belief in Him.  How can we truly believe and respect Him as a Father if we refuse to repent.  Our first works is to admit we are sinners, repentful as to change our ways more pleasing to Him not just asking forgiveness for our stubborness, selfish sin. Repenting is changing to grow, to mature in His Kingdom.  To prepare us what God has for us.

As we approach the new year, let us have a ongoing repentful lifestyle, obedient to His Word proving rightousness and true sonship.  We all have reached a time in our life to let Jesus be our “Hero”.


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