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Merry Christ’vest


Have you ever got a gift and wondered what the heck was they thinking when they purchased it for you?  Strange gifts, funny gifts and odd gifts, still a gift is a gift and be thankful.

Last year, Jordan received a gift box of handkerchiefs with the letter G.  My aunt actually though his name was Gerdian. ? ummm, don’t think she was thinking, but we all had a good laugh of course not in front of her.  My kind son said thank you and smiled.

I must tell about our family time yesterday.  We were all sitting around the tree, and the tradition I try to start every year for the past 20 years is to open one gift at a time, each person taking turns.  This way we can all see the joy on their face, along with knowing who got you what.  It makes it much easier and much calmer.  To my surprise it worked this year!  Spencer did tear off the paper but waited before opening the box on his turn.  I had the boys to sort out the gifts and everyone had their own pile in front of them.  Lyle had picked out a coat and I had wrapped it, so I knew it was in a big box.  For some reason he had three same size boxes in his pile or next to his seat.  He grabbed one of the big boxes, opened it and the look on his face was worth a thousand words!  It was Papaws Wrangler bluejean vest with fur lining!  (Needless to say, he opened the wrong gift.)  His mouth flew open with glee and said, “Gee, how did you know, what I always wanted.”  He then proceeded to put it on, which looked so funny.  His turn was over, so we proceeded the circle of opening gifts.  We all were laughing so hard as he entertained us with an old man vest!

Lyle then grabbed another big box, thinking it was coat again.  However, as before, he didn’t look at the name tag.  Imagine that!  Anyway, as soon as the top opened, I saw the blue peeking out.  OH No, it’s Gran Grans velour vest I got him!  Lyle still wearing the other vest, says, “Oh, another vest!”  He puts it on with excitement overlaying the other vest.  We all were rolling in the floor by then.  My husband then wants to know if I just went through the store and bought everyone a vest for Christmas!  Lyle really wanted that coat and with the last big box, he finally got his coat.

Now here are two new traditional rules.  Always look at the name tag on your gift.  Move all other gifts out of the area before opening.  As we look forward to go to memaws and papaws here in just a little while, many gifts will be exchanged.  Will it be a musical eagle clock, a dinasour in a globe, a ceramic bird, more handkerchiefs, granny panties and socks?  These are only to name a few we have got before in the past, so tommorrow I will return with my stories about gifts.  As for now, I must go wrap the vests again!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christ’vest”

  1. That Christmas tradition story was funny! The picture of Lyle was priceless!!!!

    I am still laughing!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. This is what I’m talking about. Felt like I was right there with you guys…thanks for sharing. Isn’t it FUN being a Cobb? I don’t care what anyone says…it’s fun! Whoo Hoo.

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