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Miracle in Waiting



Psalms 106:2  Who can ever list the glorious miracles of God?  Who can ever praise Him enough?

Mary the mother of Jesus, highly favored and blessed was chosen to carry God in the flesh.  She carried a miracle in waiting.  As Mary’s belly began to expand I am sure she had all the concerns of a new mother would.  Being a mother of four, I myself know what it is like to feel a life inside you.  The small kick, the hiccups, the stretching of my belly.  I treasured the waiting and the changing of my body.  I knew there was no turning back and I was willing to change for a legacy, a life that was a part of me, to carry on.  My blood, my DNA, a product of the love my husband and I shared.  Each one of my children were miracles in waiting, birthed out of love and sacrifice.

Can you imagine with me what Mary went through or thought about while she was waiting?  What would her child look like, would she be a good mother, was birthing going to be painful was probably only a few questions which might have ran through her mind.   She carried a miracle in her womb.  A miracle in which would change the world, just waiting to be born. There are many miracles in waiting.  Who can list all the miracles of God?  Only God Himself.  We all have miracles in waiting, but many just don’t know it.  We are pregnant with these miracles.  Produced by the love we share with our creator, our Lord, our Love.    He has imparted the conception of each miracle in our spirit.  Miracles that will change the world.   Do you know what miracle you have in waiting?  Look inside your very being and see how you have been changing.  What have you been feeling lately, what pain or joys have you felt? Don’t be fearful of the unknown but treasure the change.  Sure there are questions you ask yourself, but in the right time, God’s time, the miracle is birthed!  What is your miracle in waiting?  Sure you may have questions, sure you may feel alone, scared yet joy all in the same breath as you wait for your miracle to be born that will change the world!  Treasure it!

Picture of Brittani Dossett Randolph pregnancy. Photography by Melissa Phillips ©2008


1 thought on “Miracle in Waiting”

  1. I do think this is possibly your best blog yet:) enjoy reading your writings…you should have done this long ago:)

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