A Servant’s Heart

servants-towelThe more lowly your service to others, the greater you are.  To be the greatest, be a servant.  Humble yourself and you will be exalted. Matthew 23

The great leaders of today are leaders who continue to serve.  It is not a duty, not a requirement, not a job, it is a heart issue.  As I look around and see those who are blessed, they usually are servants at heart. People don’t always have the heart to serve because of human sin, however as one becomes more like Jesus, our hearts change.  Here are a few things to look for to determine if a person has a servant’s heart.

A person who has a servant’s heart:

  • Will be the first to ask, “What can I do?”  These people will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.  (and getting things accomplished not just hanging around but jumping in to help – production)
  • Won’t complain in doing tasks that know one else wants to do, or don’t get paid to do it. 
  • Will have right motives without hidden agenda, “If I do this, I can get this position”.
  • Will not do things to get recognition or rewards.
  • Wait patiently for more opportunities, timing is everything.
  • Look for more opportunities to serve all people, including those who may have done you wrong in the past, or simply those you don’t really like.
  • Knowing whatever your position is, you’re never to big or too great to serve others. (put in my time, now don’t need to, others can do it attitude)
  • After doing a task in serving, has a feeling of gratitude that God gave them the ability to preform the service.

As leaders, looking for other future leaders we look for three things besides a servant’s heart:

  1. The fear of God – doing what is right.  Living and acting Christian.  A person who has the love of Jesus in them and fears to do wrong.
  2. A person of their word – doing what you say you are going to do, don’t lie, don’t be lazy, and be truthful in all things.  A leader in word and example for others to live by.  Be honest with God, yourself and others.
  3. Not covetousness – always putting others down for what they have and desiring their position, status or wealth.  Hoarding things including money, using excuses why you can’t give.  Not willing to share or give however if do share or give expecting nothing in return. (wrong motives in giving with manipulation – If I give, I better get this from them.)

It is very rewarding to serve others.  Maybe you have never been taught how to have a servant’s heart.  I have seen people who didn’t know how to serve.  Whether it was because they didn’t have an example through parents or if they never knew how.  A person’s heart can change by relationship with Jesus. 

Jesus came to serve.  He was willing to give everything to reach people.  His time, his heart, his ministry, his signs, wonders and miracles, and He fed the hungry.  He didn’t have to, yet it was His heart to love.  He had a servant’s heart.

Look down deep inside your heart.  Is there enough God’s love there to become a servant?  Find the most rewarding experiences through serving!

People with a servant’s heart will look around them one day and find themselves a great leader surrounded by those who also have a servant’s heart.  Others will serve you in time if you will serve others.  Remember it is a heart issue.


4 thoughts on “A Servant’s Heart”

  1. I want to do more, thanks for the inspiration! I love creation and people because they are all His. Thank you for putting it into such beautiful words.

  2. I love the day that we are in. Understanding what it means to be a servant is so vital. Thank you for explaining it so simple a child could understand. I have one child ( a ten yr. old boy)he read this out loud to me which opened the door for discussion and questions.I praise the Lord for that!
    Ronna Sipes

  3. Well there sista, I would say that next to Jesus Christ himself, you and your hubby worte the book on servanthood. Thank you for the inspirtion and life by example…a true servant’s heart…
    love you!:)

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